BonAmb is coming on strong and are now full of new features that you will love

The two Michelin star restaurant headed by the chef Alberto Ferruz, brings us today their latest news for the future and today, they have now developed a unique new delivery service which by the way is already up and running and we can assure you that this will be a real pleasure to try.


BonAmb is one of our favorite restaurants in Javea, not only for its wonderful cuisine but also for the unique setting in which it is located and therefore making the wait for its reopening is going to be more enjoyable by offering us also their new delivery service.


Here at Spain Life, we have been given the scoop to tell you that it is a real pleasure to find out about this as its cuisine is a delight to the senses, and although we cannot enjoy their exquisite dishes sitting on its marvelous terrace, we can at least do it now from the comfort of our home.

A homemade plan; a movie and delicious signature cuisine on our cozy sofa.


They have also just launched a new website,, that makes the whole ordering process very simple and intuitive. Regarding the menu, each diner enjoys 5 appetizers, 2 starters, a main dish to choose between meat or fish, and a dessert. To pair the food, each menu of 2 contains a bottle of Pago de Los Balagueses Chardonnay or Syrah wine.


On their site, they show you the steps, the menus are all reflected and they even have made a selection of wines to add to your order.





Have you had the pleasure to try their cuisine yet?  If not then read on ….


The cuisine is based on Mediterranean products, with some Asian touches but with the unique essence of Alberto Ferruz’s ideas and style. His mix of ingredients gives rise to textures and flavors so varied and surprising that you will definitely want to experience it again.

But we highly recommend you to judge for yourself, don’t let them just tell you about it.




























Enthusiastically BonAmb will finally open its doors again on April 1st in a different social stage to which it has adapted perfectly. At the same time, the pleasant climate of Jávea and Marina Alta will begin to give us a pleasant springtime to enjoy hand in hand with these gastronomy professionals.


We recommend you to keep an eye on this because this season BonAmb is coming on strong and bring many new features. BonAmb is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer, so we’re sure special celebrations will be announced. Soon they will be adding will handle food preparation and service at your home or yacht for example.  They’re are developing this service more to make their standard and quality even more interesting and varied, but at the same time conveying their Michelin standard cuisine.

This is something not to be missed but to be enjoyed so keep in touch with us as we bring you more from BonAmb over the coming weeks.



Contact Details:
+34 965 084 440





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