BonAmb celebrates its tenth anniversary and shows us in this article some of its new dishes.

The magic formula of Alberto Ferruz and Pablo Catalá has taken BonAmb to the top and to achieve a well-deserved success that has resulted in all these years to two Michelin stars and three suns of the Repsol guide.





Now this excellent and charming restaurant is ten years old and on the occasion of its anniversary we want to remember all these years of effort and passion for gastronomy, for making us all enjoy its culinary creations and that is why in this article today we are going to tell you a little about its trajectory.


Back on 26 July 2011, this great adventure called BonAmb opened its doors. And now almost 10 years later and after having become a recognized success, BonAmb and its magnificent team retains the same passion, enthusiasm, and work as the first day.


Ferruz recalled before the start of the season, that 10 years ago “as a small group of passionate foodies, we started this project BonAmb, with the simple aim of making people a little happier with our cuisine. Now it is a living, exciting and growing project, with the incorporation of Casa Pepa to the family”. another restaurant in the Marina Alta with a star and two Repsol Suns.


In a decade there is time for many things to happen, but for them, it has happened at breakneck speed. They have been born as a restaurant, grown, achieved important recognitions, welcomed their sister Casa Pepa and of course they have also overcome many obstacles in these difficult times but always with the same passion and effort and enjoying themselves like kids.


Therefore, to celebrate the success of BonAmb on its tenth anniversary, we highly recommend you to make your reservation to try many of the new dishes they have prepared.


All in all, BonAmb is a beautiful place to dine. If you have a special occasion coming up, or indeed you just want to spoil yourself a little, then we can’t recommend BonAmb highly enough. All safety measures are of course in place, Alberto has created masterpieces in the kitchen for a new special menu (check here) in this anniversary that we show you below and the fabulous BonAmb team are waiting for you to make your evening really wonderful.









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