Bodegas Xaló; The Sweet Spanish Wines You Must Taste

Over the past year, we have constantly provided you with the most recent information about Bodegas Xaló, the iconic winery in Jalon server of the high-quality wines and spirits with over fifty years of history located in the heart of the Marina Alta neighborhood (Alicante).


The Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre de Xaló is a reference in the Valencian community due to its distinctive and cautious production produced through a mix of artisan knowledge that has been valued for ages and continues today.

We have over this period shown you many of their wines and novelties and today we’d like to show you some of their greatest sweet wine creations.

There are always available wines for any occasion, and if you’re searching for a sweet combination, these wines are ideal for finishing any meal with a golden brooch and making an after-dinner cocktail. With this short collection of sweet wines, you’ll have some ideas for pairing them with sweets or drinking them on their own.


Mistela Vall de Xaló Selecta Giró



This sweet wine made with the Giró grape variety is one of the best creations of Bodegas Xaló. Thanks to the variety of grapes, the area and the climate, we can enjoy a perfect dessert wine to combine with all kinds of cakes and chocolates.


 Mistela Vall de Xaló Selecta Tasting Notes


Mistela Selecta de Giró has an excellent Bordeaux Red color.



Powerful aromas of red, black, ripe and candied fruits.



The palate reveals the sweetness of that wide range of candied fruit and subtle hints of fig bread. Sweet, tasty, and very long; features that make the difference of an excellent sweet, special, and unique wine.


Mistela Vall de Xaló Selecta



The mistela Vall de Xaló Selecta is a sweet liqueur wine par excellence that represents the effort and great tradition of our cooperative. Located in the Marina Alta, the Muscatel of Alexandria grape has ripened on the vine and in the sun throughout the summer, and the grapes are traditionally selected to produce one of the best mistelas in the world.


Mistela Vall de Xaló Selecta Tasting Notes


This selecta mistela dazzles us with shades of white gold and golden rims.



Powerful aromas of orange blossom honey and jasmine, hints of orange peel and a wide range of white fruits and peach in syrup.



Sweet, fresh and long on the palate. Elegant, sweet and tasty.


Mistela Riu Rau



The Mistela Riu Rau special edition is created from their best Muscatel of Alexandria grapes that have been sun-dried.

The PROAVA 2021 Grand Prize is given to the best wine from the Comunidad Valenciana in all categories. An unstoppable delight!


Tasting Notes of the Mistela Riu Rau



At sight it has a dark mahogany color.


It is a very intense mistela, with great personality, and floral aromas, honey, citrus and nuts.


In the mouth it has an intense and long attack, and with a great balance between sweetness and acidity.


Perfect to take with sweet desserts, with cheeses, foie, or simply to enjoy it alone.


Mistela Vall de Xaló Moscatell Pumpkin


The Vall de Xaló Muscatel Pumpkin mistela is one of their traditional products. Made with grapes Muscatel of Alexandria is grown in the Marina Alta, where they reach an exceptional quality thanks to the Mediterranean climate. It is a sweet, dense, and unctuous wine, reminding us of the ripe Muscatel grape.


Tasting Notes of the Mistela Vall de Xaló Moscatell Pumpkin


It is a straw yellow colored mistela with golden tones. It was attractive to the eye, bright, clean, and transparent.


It has a high aromatic intensity. The sweet and fresh scents of the mature Muscatel grape show clearly in a motionless glass. Aside from traces of honey, orange peel, and white flowers like orange blossom or jasmine. The scents intensify in a shaken glass, heightening the impression of sweetness and freshness characteristic of the Muscatel of Alexandria grape.


The mid palate is sweet, thick, and unctuous. With an acidity proportionate to the sweetness of the wine, it is not cloying and encourages you to drink more. It has a long finish that is quite pleasing on the palate.



Fantastic to take with sweet desserts, cheese boards, foie, or simply to enjoy alone. It is a traditional product of the Alicante land, with the unmistakable stamp of the Marina Alta.


If you want to taste any of their varieties, visit their website, where you will discover not only these kinds, but also all of their wines, with an exhaustive explanation of each variety and the option of purchasing them straight from their links.


Contact Details:

Address: Bodegas Xaló
Crta.Xaló-Alcalalí. S/N
03727, Alicante (Alicante)
Tel.: 966480034

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