Black Friday Luxury Beauty Deals at Maisolence

What if this year, that maybe we deserve it more than any other, we would give a whim to our skin in the form of beauty, and why not also renew our toiletry bag with some essentials of the most exclusive brands?

What we bring you today is Maisolence, an authentic experience and something different, with its own character. Its mission is to change our sense of beauty and the concept of taking care of ourselves. All treatments are carried out in a unique atmosphere, in their “Atelier De Beauté”, where you will only breathe peace and tranquility in an enviable environment.

That’s also reflected in the products they offer, a combination of sophistication and excellence, thanks to the discovery of other cultures, and different concepts of beauty.



This is Maisolence, the result of experiences lived around the world.

Facial Treatments

At Maisolence, they have created a series of facial treatments that provide extraordinary results with complete sensory experience all carried out with expert hands and the best advice.

The Sublime Gold 24K treatment and the Sublime Silver Experience.

Hydration, nutrition, firmness, density, much light, softness, purification… The particles of 24K gold, the maximum purity silver, and the appropriate combination of elixirs and techniques act as authentic anti-aging jewels on the skin to give it that magnificent radiant shine.


Sublime Silver Facial Treatment

Exclusive luxury facials that restore skin’s moisture levels, protecting it from dehydration. Stimulates cell renewal, softens, and diminishes fine lines. Silver has a great antibacterial, bactericidal and soothing power, providing great luminosity to the skin, achieving an instantaneous sealing and closing of the pore.

It is indicated for sensitive, undernourished, devitalized, thick, and mixed skins with very dilated pores and lack of hydration.


Sublime Gold 24K Facial Treatment

24-carat gold has great properties, such as its ability to stimulate facial microcirculation, provide luminosity, and reinforce the skin’s protective barrier. It produces a powerful anti-aging effect, being rich in trace elements that provide firmness to the skin.

Perfect for those skins that lack density, firmness, and luminosity.



On the formation of collagen, gold improves the formation of the same, which helps keep the skin elastic. Collagen tends to concentrate on gold increasing capillarity and improving skin cell regeneration. This overall anti-aging treatment is a very intense restorative, revitalizing, and antioxidant by preventing the formation and accumulation of free radicals.

Recommended for any time of the year and with spectacular results, visible from the first session and with the guarantee of using the best ingredients free of toxins and parabens.




A true gem, 24k gold leaves of the highest cosmetic grade, specially formulated to combine with your Sofia Bertrand treatment cream enhancing and improving its effectiveness. The cream included in this box, luxury edition, provides the right amount of repair lipids and doses of collagen. It melts deliciously into the skin for intense hydration and long-lasting comfort.

It is proven that the innovative technology of its active ingredients doubly reinforces the restorative power of the skin’s natural collagen.

As a result, the skin is hydrated, delicately nourished, smooth, and soft. Maximum hydration, nutrition, and comfort are what you will feel with this duo.



Discover the eternal beauty of the look with this 708 SUBLIME EYES booster by Sofia Bertrand.



The global anti-aging treatment for the eye contour area with triple action against wrinkles, bags, and dark circles thanks to purslane extract, plankton, and valuable active ingredients such as Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, and probiotics to visibly rejuvenate and illuminate the delicate eye contour area and once again show off a bright, fresh and ageless look.

The work quality and the cult of detail come together to offer an exceptional service for all their treatments that are wrapped in an atmosphere full of surrounding aromas and a la carte music.

Maisolence is created to transform your beauty care into a unique and personalized experience, created exclusively for you.


Discover their unique selection of treatments with the latest in facial and body equipment.


Request your free consultation and diagnosis, they will advise you on the most suitable treatments for you, contact them!


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Telephone: (+34) 965 79 94 48



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