Benidorm will host the Mediterranean Gastronomic Games in October

The “Juegos Gastronómicos del Mediterráneo” (Mediterranean Gastronomic Games) will be held this year in the town of Benidorm, in Alicante, as agreed yesterday by the General Assembly of the Mediterranean Academy of Gastronomy. In addition, the association has decided to install its permanent headquarters in Alicante and in the Lebanese city of Beirut.


The Mediterranean diet is one of the most valuable jewels of Spanish culture. It is a gastronomy based on natural products and the richness of olive oil that has earned a deserved recognition worldwide. That is why it is usual to hold culinary events where they make values ​​of Spanish cuisine known. Now it is the turn of the Mediterranean Gastronomic Games. This event is part of the program of the Mediterranean Gastronomic Capital 2019, which this year has Alicante. This is how the Mediterranean diet, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, will be valued throughout the year.


Alicante has the Mediterranean Gastronomic Capital 2019


The General Assembly of the Mediterranean Academy of Gastronomy is composed of representatives from Lebanon, Egypt, Portugal, Syria, Turkey, Italy, Ibero-America and Spain. The celebration of this assembly in Casa Mediterráneo has also included several lectures and conferences, as well as an activity on virgin olive oil as a fundamental element of Mediterranean cuisine. Gastronomy places Spain as a reference tourist destination, where they use up a culinary talent worthy to share with the world.


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