Bello Horizonte: Ready to give your home that colonial touch

Bello Horizonte of Javea specialises in unique pieces of furniture, incorporating a n authentic touch of the colonial. They work with natural materials, such as wood, wicker and glass, combined with a refreshing respect for the environment. Many of their pieces come from the island of Java, Indonesia, to decorate your personal space in a way that reflects your own personality as well as the unique character of your home.


Like many businesses in this time of crisis, Bello Horizonte has been obliged to close its doors temporarily, after over 12 years of successful trading. However, the staff are working behind the scenes. Once the State of Alarm is over, they will be ready to help you create a beautiful new living space in your home, as a gift to yourself for getting through the lock-down!


Many of us say we’d love to be able to spend more time at home, and when it actually happens, you tend to notice things that have slipped by you for some time – maybe even years. Because you now have so much time on your hands, the sofa you loved and swore you would never part with suddenly seems shabby, dated and out of place.


Bello Horizonte


Maybe some of the colours don’t quite work together when you’re spending more time looking at them. The relaxing effect you were aiming for with the colour choice and arrangement of pieces doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. In fact, it gets on your nerves, which is not in the least conducive to relaxation.


Perhaps you feel it’s time for a total new look – you may even have been planning one before Covid-19 landed in Spain. The colonial look, for which Bello Horizonte is well known, is versatile and can be readily adapted to work with your existing pieces. It works well with traditional style Spanish builds, but is also eclectic enough to enhance modern architectural styles. Colonial furnishing can combine with new build to create a unique living space, which is both functional and decorative.


The great thing about colonial style is that nothing is really ruled in or out. Treasures you’ve accumulated in your travels can add deeper layers to your design scheme, creating harmony and reminding you of pleasant times passed. Opt for different themes such as classic, colourful, light and airy, maritime memories – anything goes with colonial.


Bello Horizonte


Contact details:


Carretera de Benitatchell 71

03739 Javea

Telephone: 966 46 28 18


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