Bello Horizonte, Javea presents: The best in outdoor living furniture for Spain

Summertime, and the living is easy, especially in the Costa Blanca, where we are blessed with an average of 320 days of sunshine. And the living is so much easier with stylish, comfortable and durable furniture which is specially produced for conditions in Spain. Bello Horizonte, Javea is pleased to present their beautiful range of outdoor furniture, made with your comfort in mind.


If you’re considering replacing your outdoor furniture, or maybe buying for the first time, it can be very confusing with the wide choice on offer. There are so many different styles, sizes and materials out there, but remember, when buying outdoor furniture in Spain you need to consider these things:


The weather:


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Spain is sunny, but it’s also windy and wet at times, when we are subjected to the gota fria. If your furniture is going to stay outside all the time, it needs to be sturdy enough that it won’t blow away in high winds. Some natural products, like natural wicker, can peel and discolour in the sun, rot in the rain, and be blown around in the wind, damaging the furniture and other items in the process.


The red dust that comes over from Africa in the summer can also do lasting damage to furniture that is not easily washable. If you still want to go for a style of furniture that can’t cope with all weathers, you need to have somewhere to store it, or else invest in a good quality, weatherproof cover to protect it.


The material:


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When choosing the material for your outdoor furniture, again, you need to consider that you are in Spain. Stainless steel and wrought iron may be durable and stylish. But think of the sun, blazing down on your metal table. If you rest your arm on it, you could be badly burned. Or your ice cold water could become hot enough to make tea with in no time at all!


Wrought iron is similarly too hot to handle, or sit on, for that matter. So it’s a no-go, unless you have thick cushions on the seats, and padding on the arms and back. The problem is, then the beauty that attracted you to your furniture is covered up.


If you go for plastic furniture that isn’t resistant to UV rays, it can quickly discolour and look old and shabby. Worse – it can become brittle from exposure to the sun, and may break, depositing someone on the floor in the middle of a pleasant evening al fresco!


At Bello Horizonte, all items of outdoor furniture are sourced with Spain living in mind. Special attention is paid to design, durability and materials, so that your furniture looks beautiful and stays beautiful for as long as you want to use it.



Bello Horizonte



Another bonus of buying from the team is that they are not just retailers of outdoor furniture, they are also experienced in design and decoration, so they can advise you on the best choices for your requirements. Bello Horizonte do not buy in bulk, so you won’t see replicas of your garden furniture everywhere you go.


Why not contact the team of friendly professionals at Bello Horizonte to find out how they can make outdoor living easier for you, and bring a touch of class and comfort to your garden or terrace? Opening hours at the Javea  showroom have been extended for the summer season, and there are stringent hygiene, cleaning and social distancing protocols in place to keep customers and staff safe and happy. They are waiting for your call.


Contact details:


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Carretera de Benitatchell 71

03739 Javea

Telephone: 966 46 28 18




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