Bello Horizonte, Javea: Blue is the colour of the Mediterranean, and summer!

Interior and exterior design specialists Bello Horizonte of Javea have an excellent selection of summer furnishings and design accessories, with new items arriving all the time. One theme that does seem to be emerging is that blue is the colour of summer. It’s a colour that we associate with the Mediterranean Sea that borders much of the eastern Spanish coast, and it’s classed as a ‘cool’ colour, in that the lighter shades don’t absorb heat, and when paired with white, they can actually reflect it.


Blue is also a tranquil, relaxing colour in the lighter shades of the spectrum, so it encourages a languid mind set and is mentally soothing. That’s a great advantage in the heat of a Spanish summer, because when the heat is on outside, we want to be as cool as we can, while remaining beautifully stylish. The colour blue can achieve that with both our furnishings and our state of mind, so it’s a great combination for summer living.


Another advantage of choosing blue is that it can be easily matched or contrasted with a whole range of colours, so you can ring the changes as the seasons pass. Add some warmth with shades of pink, orange and red, cool it down some more with pale shades of green, or add depth and texture with earthy shades of brown and darker greens.


Simply adding some extra cushions to a sofa can completely change your look. Scatter rugs in different shades can also extend or break up your ‘blue’ look. It’s a really versatile colour for mixing and matching, so it’s a good choice for a base colour.


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On the practical side, light shades of blue won’t fade in the sun, so they are a good choice for outdoor use. Indoors, lighter shades create an illusion of space and light, so choosing blue for small living space can make the most of it so you don’t feel cramped or crowded.


Blue tableware lends a ‘rustic’ style to your table, and shows food to its best advantage, whether you go for a mixture of blue and white, or a blue plate with an earth-coloured rim. This look works well on large or small tables, giving a clean, crisp, uncluttered look.


Your tableware should complement the food, not overwhelm it, that’s why the best chefs always serve their signature dishes on plain plates. However, plain doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too, and the right shade and pattern will enhance the visual appeal of your food. Blue is a great background for making food stand out, while making its own minimalist design statement.


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If all this has inspired you to go blue for summer, why not head along to Bello Horizonte’s showroom in Javea, and  browse the beautiful room settings, so you can see for yourself why blue is the colour of summer and style. The enthusiastic, experienced staff can help you with any queries, and suggest design solutions to brighten your home. Visiting Bello Horizonte isn’t merely shopping – it’s a life-enhancing experience.


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