Bello Horizonte: Ideas for 2020.

We asked Bello Horizonte, to give us some interior design ideas for 2020.
Keep reading and get inspired to create a unique atmosphere for your home.

With so much to choose from, trust your instincts.

What could define the trends for 2020 is the large variety of styles, so, if you don’t want to get overwhelmed by so much choice, remember to let your taste and personality guide you when making creative decisions. Trust your instincts and let your judgment drive the way.


Find here are just some of the most influential trends and ideas for 2020.


Bello Horizonte share with us interior design ideas for 2020.


Country style never gets out of fashion

The country decorating style brings that cosy summerhouse feeling to our home. 

It is casual, versatile, and the updated look of this style in 2020, relaxed and calm. It could be just what you need to enhance the look of your room. The good thing about the country style labels is that it has a lot of variations like shabby chic, English country, Americana, French country just to name just a few. Of course, there is an evolution of this style that incorporates contemporary decorating aesthetics in contrast to the country-style from back in the eighties.

This style is excellent to create a comfortable ambience, no matter your budget.


According to Bello Horizonte, the country style is one of the many interior design ideas for 2020

The right mix of old and new 

The Eclectic style will be a big trend this year, but we understand that is something not for everyone. You can have a lot of fun if you are feeling bold, adventurous and ready to break a few rules. Get comfortable with mixing and matching old and new, buying in flea markets on your travels. These little touches add depth and make for a delightful story when entertaining your guests. Add one or two vintage statement pieces or hung some antique art to show off your personality but of course all in moderation.


Bold colours is another idea this year according to Bello Horizonte

Colour palette for 2020 

Sky blue, coral, sand, wood, various shades of  greens, are the colour tones that will be all the rage for interior design ideas in 2020.

Intense solid colours 

Open your mind to the idea of a monochromatic approach to colour. It doesn’t have to be boring or dull, you can use cobalt blue, green and rich jewel tones. 

All in all, it seems that the new decade brings a fresh new approach to interior design. And remember, if you feel a little lost, don’t be afraid to ask the experts.


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