The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain

Eleven new villages have just won a spot on the list of the most beautiful dwellings of Spain.

Spain is home to dozens of picturesque little towns waiting to be explored by those seeking to get off the beaten track. Even more, the rich architectural and cultural heritage of the Spanish villages is being included, since 2011, on the special list of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain, or Los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España. This is an association born out of the aim to promote, through press and social media, rural areas and small towns, “places of great beauty that exude history and culture, and where the tradition involves the traveler, who mingles with the locals and may, even if only for a moment, become part of this single framework” as they say on their website.



In order to qualify, the towns must be small, with a population up to 15,000 inhabitants, and offer significant historical, cultural and social values. The Association has recently included 11 more destinations on its 2018 list: 4 pueblos in Andalucía, 2 in Castilla y Leon, 2 in Galicia, 2 in Extremadura and one in Aragon. The last one, Mirambel, in the Aragonese province of Teruel (video below), has only 100 inhabitants, and some of the best preserved examples of medieval Mudejar architecture that the province has to offer.



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