Beanbag chairs by Dumas Design: Your best buy in lock-down or any time!

If you think beanbag chairs are a modern invention, think again! There’s evidence that beanbags were around in some form as far back as 2000 BC, used by the Ancient Egyptians. The Chinese and the Native Americans also used them for recreational purposes, but Dumas Design have taken the humble beanbag chair, beloved of student bedsits, to a whole new level of sophistication, elegance and comfort.


Dumas Aqua beanbags are not only comfortable around the home – their robust design and construction means they are suitable for outdoor use, and, as the name indicates, they are good to go in the pool as well. It’s a more stylish, ecofriendly alternative to plastic inflatables, and it’s safer too, since it won’t lose buoyancy. And of course, there’s no inflation necessary, just a quick shake to settle the filling down before floating away into your happy place.


Beanbags are a more comfortable option than a towel on the tiles or the sand, and you don’t need a separate head rest, as the filling will mould itself to your shape, giving you perfect support exactly where you need it. Your Dumas beanbag is light and easy to carry, so if it’s a bit of a trek to your community pool, or you need to negotiate steps, it’s much more convenient than chairs or sun loungers, and more cost effective too, as it’s so versatile.


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Away from the pool, a beanbag chair is ideal for relaxation and meditation, because you can find the shape that best suits your needs. And if the family are getting on your nerves because you’ve spent so much time together during the lock-down, just pick up your chair, and go off somewhere to cool down, rather than get drawn into an argument.


Another great use for your Dumas beanbag chair is as a safe support for exercise. If you have reduced mobility or lack flexibility, you can achieve more movement when you are well supported. Check out chair yoga – many of the positions used can be adapted for your beanbag.


If meditation is your thing, a beanbag chair is ideal. You can either lie down, or sit with a straight, well-supported spine, whichever position suits your purposes. And the pliable yet supportive structure of the beanbag encourages total relaxation, which means a deeper, more satisfying level of meditation.


Dumas beanbag chairs and sofas start at just €89, and there are numerous colourways, designs and sizes. There’s sure to be one – or more – that fits in with your decor and your lifestyle, and you can even personalise it with your name or logo for a small extra payment.


Check out Dumas Design’s shiny new website and imagine yourself in a beanbag chair, or one of Dumas’ many exclusive items of garden furniture. Or call into the store in Benissa to browse the full range at Dumas, where your leisure is their pleasure. Contact details below.


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