Be Home presents the luxury outdoor furniture by Coco Wolf

We all know that outdoor furniture wears away more quickly because of sun and inclement weather. But if you have a terrace or a beautiful garden it is a pity that you do not decorate it with a nice and comfortable furniture that allows you to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Well, you can get pieces resistant to any type of weather conditions with the exquisite outdoor furniture of Coco Wolf, now available in Be Home.


Be Home is a Valencian interior design company born of collaboration and passion for the beauty of things. Its team of experts is able to discover the hidden beauty of every space, decorating it with elements of the best brands. Each one of its projects is unique and exclusive and its managers use up professionalism combining interior design, cabinetry and select fabrics. Now Be Home offers exclusively in Levante and its surroundings the luxury furniture of Coco Wolf, with which you can create gardens and terraces with unique pieces of the highest quality. The Be Home team has many resources and enjoys working on customized projects. One of its most requested services is the design of gardens and terraces, using the best materials with great resistance outdoors, such as tropical woods to make wooden flooring and wooden pergolas with teka or ipe wood.


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Coco Wolf furnishing, exclusivity and finesse

Coco Wolf is one of the high-quality brands with which the Be Home team works. This is a London firm very well positioned internationally in the outdoor luxury sector and Be Home works with it exclusively in practically all of Spain. Coco Wolf specializes in outdoor furniture with an impeccable transition of design and comfort from the interior moved to the exterior spaces, using innovative and high-performance materials designed to challenge exposure to different weather elements and an intensive use.


In order to achieve the highest strength for their pieces they use marine grade materials, making them ideal for gardens and terraces as well as for yachts, the sea and the coast. The designs of Coco Wolf are characterized by their versatile design, classic or contemporary, which adapts to all environments, such as private houses, hotels and restaurants. Furthermore, the maintenance of this furniture is very simple, since for its cleaning a system of water under pressure is enough.


Coco Wolf collaborates exclusively in Spain with Be Home


The outdoor furniture of Coco Wolf is so extraordinary the best companies seek to associate with this brand. For example, they partnered with Sunseeker at the London Boat Show 2017 and showcased their furniture at the VIP area, a must-see event for all yacht lovers. Also the private sport club Thirty Nine Monte Carlo uses the bespoke pieces of Coco Wolf in its splendid outdoor terrace, complementing its exquisite interior style. This is the first ever wellness-focused private club in Monaco, and on its terrace you can see the Sammarco dining chairs, the Mamelle sofa and the Portette chairs of Coco Wolf.


Be Home decorates your spaces with the pieces of Coco Wolf


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Has the garden of your house been ugly and obsolete? Be Home is the company you are looking for to design a wonderful outdoor space in your home! You can contact with Raquel and Amparo, their custom relationship managers, through the phone number +34 960 698 040 or the email Remember: to visit Be Home it is necessary to make an appointment. The office is located at Calle Buenos Aires, 28, in Rufaza, Valencia. For more information, please visit their website and their Facebook profile.

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