Batteries are making a solar dream come true

Since June 1st this year the energy tariffs are fixed now in the whole of Spain so the now-famous increase in electricity prices that has been imposed in Spain will mean a rise for more than ten million users who now have time discrimination and will see their bill increase by around 10% if they do not change their consumption habits and move them to the night and the weekend.





The most expensive tariff will be between 6 pm and 10 pm and for those who rely on the solar panel system as a solution to this rise at this time, won’t get much power from the solar system and therefore it may be interesting to install a battery pack, which charges the battery during the day and when there is no more sun or not much left of the day it will provide energy during these high tariffs to solve this increase in cost problems.



What solar batteries are and how they work


A solar battery is a device that allows us to store the energy that we generate through solar panels during the hours of sunshine so that we can make use of it at times when production is not possible, i.e. during the night or on cloudy days. In this way, these devices help to ensure that we have electricity when the solar panels are not in operation.




In addition to being a perfect solution for storing the energy produced by photovoltaic panels, solar batteries offer many other benefits. Some of them are:


  • Excellent behavior in the face of variations in the electrical appliances that are in use in the home, regardless of the number of them that are connected at any one time.
  • They generate almost no pollution therefore helping to care for the environment.
  • They have a very long useful life and in some cases, they can work properly for up to 15 years.
  • They will allow us to increase the self-consumed energy of our solar panels, and thus further reducing our electricity bill.


This is the solution proposed by SolarNRG the Dutch expert company in solar energy systems established in Costa Blanca since 2003.

As we have been mentioning in previous articles SolarNRG is the company that has been supplying solar panel systems for both private and commercial customers in Spain and with their seventeen years of experience and more than 470,000 solar panels sold, they opened as we know a subsidiary on the Costa Blanca.



The high tariffs are around E1

(E1) 0.239894 €/kWh

(E2) 0.149548 €/kWh

(E3) 0.109777 €/kWh



SolarNRG has hybrid systems for this who can work on the grid and also a battery pack attached.



















The solar system gives 3.61kw, the house uses 1.4kw and the rest is sent to the battery. If the batteries are full, the rest will send back to the grid and you will get paid for that (between 5 and 8 cents per kW).


Their Battery systems are expandable from 1 battery (2,56kw) up to (25,6kw).



If all of that sounds interesting to you but you are not sure if you would be able to afford it, SolarNRG also does financing on all their systems so capital won’t be an issue.



As you can see, there are many advantages to going solar, since, in addition to creating clean renewable power from the sun and benefitting the environment, you will be saving on your electricity invoices.


By investing in solar energy, you are also increasing the value of your home.


There are several factors that have led experts to point to Spain as the most profitable market in the world for photovoltaic investments in the coming years. Spain has ideal geographical and climatic characteristics for the exploitation of solar energy.


In short, Spain is ready to switch to Solar energy and SolarNRG is happy to help you with this by installing a customized Solar energy installation and finance your system.


Ask them for more information on their quotation request (, visit their website or send an email to  ask your questions, they will be happy to answer them.



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