Average Property Prices Rise by 1.5 per cent in Spain

Spain’s Ministry of Development have reported an increase of 1.5 per cent in property prices, with other sources calculating a sharper rise still. Last year’s figures from the Ministry put the price per square metre at 1,512 euros, the highest price since 2013. Although prices are still estimated to be 28 per cent less than at their highest point, there is some cause for optimism with the latest figures indicating an overall rise of 3.9 per cent in the last two years. spain property pricesSpain Property prices

2016 saw property prices rising in over half of Spain’s 17 regions with significant increases in Madrid (4.8 per cent), Cataluña (4.4 per cent), the Canary Islands (3.8 per cent) and the Balearics (2.8 per cent). Yet others experienced falling prices, such as Navarra (2.8 per cent), Murcia (1.5 percept) and Castilla y Leon (1.5 per cent).

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