Autumn ends rainy, windy and grey

It seems the clouds have come to stay. After several weeks with strong winds and a lot of rain, autumn says goodbye with more rain, snow and wind. Will we have a white Christmas this year? We tell you everything in our weekly forecast!


The last week of autumn, like the previous ones, comes with strong gusts of wind, rain and snow. The northern and western areas of the Iberian Peninsula will be the most affected by this unstable weather. On Monday a low-pressure area will affect the entire country, but on Wednesday a stronger one will arrive, which will bring new rainfall of more than 100 liters in some northwestern areas. This will especially affect Galicia, where it is being one of the rainiest autumns of the last decades.


This rough weather will also bring snow, accumulating large amounts in the Cantabrian mountain range, the Central system and the Pyrenees. If you are going to spend the Christmas holidays skiing, this is great news for you.


Rain and wind. Will it rain this week?


In addition, the powerful gusts of wind that have affected the country in recent weeks will also continue here. Between Monday and Tuesday, wind will be especially strong in the southwest area of the peninsula, and then they will go up to the centre and the Pyrenees. On the other hand, the second low-pressure area on Wednesday will bring more strong gusts of wind, reaching even 100 km/h. Temperatures will also drop, so prepare your best warm clothes, you’ll need them!


When does winter start?

We all know that winter solstice is December 22. But at what exact time does winter officially begin in Spain this year? Next Sunday at 5:19 a.m. this rainy autumn will end and we’ll welcome winter and Christmas. This day will be the shortest day of the year. Winter will last until Friday, March 20, when spring 2020 begins.

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