Automatic swimming pool covers: The perfect solution to protect your pool

The end of summer is approaching and sadly we begin to say goodbye to the swimming pool season. Have you thought of any way to protect your pool during the next months? Automatic covers are a perfect solution to make the most of it. Do you want to know all the advantages of this amazing product?


If you have a swimming pool at home, you will know that it requires a lot of care and maintenance so that the water is kept clean and in optimal conditions. However, there are many tricks and items that you can use to avoid using too many chemicals. One of the most natural resources is a cover. You can find covers of many types in the market, but the most comfortable are undoubtedly automatic swimming pool covers.


The benefits of these automatic pool covers are numerous. To start, they set up an excellent security system to prevent accidents and falls. Both children and pets will be safe, and you will also protect wild animals that may drown by accident in your pool. On the other hand, the use of an automatic cover saves you a lot of chemicals, since the water does not need so many disinfectants. In addition, as the swimming pool is covered, dirt, dust and leaves do not fall on it, so the water will be perfect and you will spend less time cleaning.



But the advantages do not end there. An automatic swimming pool cover also protects against the formation of algae, since the sun’s rays do not directly affect the water. Likewise, there is less water loss due to evaporation and it maintains the water temperature, avoiding heat loss at night.


How to install an automatic pool cover

Using this product is very simple, as it is enough to operate a key or press a button to get it started. In addition, it is a very aesthetic component that does not remove beauty from the pool. You can find many models and varieties that suit your tastes and needs. In this way, your pool will always be protected, since the covers can be used throughout the year.


Putting a cover in your swimming pool is very easy as long as a professional team takes over the project. If you are interested in protecting your pool, from Construma they offer a wide range of covers, such as automatic plate covers. Your swimming pool will always be protected without losing bit of its characteristic charm. Call Construma today to ask for your free quote! You can also consult them about building underwater windows in your swimming pool or other incredible solutions, such as the ecological swimming pools. If you prefer, you can also visit Ecopools, the Construma store or ask them advice for winterize your pool, among other things. For more information, please visit their website or find them on social media.




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