Authentic Italian Cuisine In Some Of The Best Eateries On The Costa Blanca

The allure of Italian cuisine can give you a one-of-a-kind experience and today we would like to recommend restaurants In Bocca Al Lupo which will thrill even the most passionate foodies and their taste buds.


In Bocca Al Lupo tops our list as one of the best Italian restaurants in the Costa Blanca. The Italian food chain boasts three branches across Calpe, Alicante, and Altea. Today we’re reviewing three of them in which we can assure you that the signature Italian cuisine experience will be the same.



There’s no doubt that Italian is one of the most-loved cuisines around the world and  Bocca Al Lupo understands this and has strived to portray not only the distinctive flavor of true Italian food with all of its traditional recipes and ingredients but also to transport us to the idyllic ambiance of our beloved small Italian ambiances.

All of this has been done in a warm and inviting atmosphere in all three of their restaurants similar to that of a real Italian osteria. Its absolutely precisely adorned interior provides the warmth we are referring to, as no cost has been spared in developing a distinctive style for each restaurant.

What makes this eatery not quite the same as others on the Costa Blanca is how they source their ingredients straight from local products of the highest quality that excels in regional Italian food.

If you intend to visit any of their restaurants, remember to attempt their risottos, homemade pasta, roast beef carpaccio, or any of their woodfired pizzas as well as their amazing local fresh seafood.



The unusual blend of ingredients and texture in their meals is enough to make you want to go back again and again with the meticulous presentation of the cuisine, with each ingredient being equally important to them.

This, coupled with the interior design of their restaurants, all contribute to the overall quality of their eating experience.

There’s every reason to make this one of your go-to places for entertaining friends, family, or just yourself as all three restaurants are strategically placed as well in each town.


In Bocca Al Lupo Alicante


Alicante is the first one they opened, and it has enough size to accommodate a large number of people while also making them feel comfortable and allowing them to enjoy tasty meals on warmer nights.

However, once you’ve taken a seat in the dining room or on the magnificent patio, the atmosphere is surreal.




In Bocca Al Lupo Altea


Another fantastic restaurant opened its doors in the center of Altea two years ago, resulting in a lovely venue with breathtaking views and spectacular sunsets and this is set in the old town of Altea surrounded by the magnificent old church and views of the town and the Mediterranean.




In Bocca Al Lupo Calpe


Calpe saw the birth of the youngest of all, but no less spectacular, because the site is privileged by being right in the front of Playa de La Fossa, with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea to help you experience Italian food in a unique setting.



One of the best restaurant chains in the Costa Blanca, In Bocca Al Lupo, was bestowed with all manner of accolades with it first opened some years ago.

So if you want really traditional Italian food with the finest flavors and ingredients, IN BOCCA DEL LUPO is the place to go If you’re in the vicinity, Alicante-Altea or Calpe will welcome you, and the food is great at each location, as is the service.


Contact Details:


Address: C. De Muñoz, 5

Phone: 965 03 92 30




Address: Carrer Major, 3

Phone: +34 698 94 33 18




Address: Partida La Fossa, 3

Phone: 966 94 29 53



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