August is welcomed with summer storms

Severe weather warnings have been issued across Spain for this week.


Fierce storms and high temperatures are set to hit Spain this week, with some parts of the country even receiving violent hailstorms.



The eastern part of Spain in particular has been hit, and has received yellow and orange (which indicates serious risk) weather warning signs, especially in the regions of Zaragoza and Girona.


The Balearic Islands were also issued with orange alerts, as they are now said to be reaching temperatures about 35 degrees this week.


Other areas of Spain are reaching higher temperatures this week, with the hottest area of Spain today being Cordoba, which is said to get up to 42 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.


The weather is said to start stabilizing again as the weeks progress. However, if you are concerned about the weather warnings and want more information, take a look at: Spain’s weather forecasting agency:



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