At ConBrassa you get to dine in style overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

ConBrassa is a jewel in Benidorm’s crown, not only is it affordable, but it’s high-end and stylish to boot! A traditional barbecue restaurant, ConBrassa gives everything a modern twist. Owner Licinio has a string of restaurant in Benidorm and he makes sure each and every one is special but ConBrassa is taking him back to his roots with well cooked, quality and extremely tasty local foods.




Chef Licicnio


Licinio has been a chef for over 30 years and he ensures that his restaurants are of the highest quality, both in food and service. He personally supervises everything that’s done at ConBrassa and you can certainly tell. He deals with local suppliers, some of whom he has been in business with for 30 years, quality checks all food coming out of the kitchen and makes sure the service is second to none in the restaurant.


Liciono’s style of cooking means that the ingredients are the highlight of the dish, with just a little added seasoning. He really wants his food to be the star of every show. Licinio’s love of grilled meat, seafood and paella is well known in the area and this is where people come when they want a hearty, satisfying dining experience.



The ConBrassa dining experience


Here you can dine with really quite stunning views over the Med, enjoying your food which may have come from that very sea in the not-too-distant past. Combined with the views, the stylish-yet-comfortable interior of the restaurant makes you feel relaxed and ready to try the tempting treats in store for you.


So what takes your fancy? Prawns, fresh from the sea? Huge steaks, seasoned with a delicate touch of salt, pepper and garlic and garnished with the freshest of market herbs and vegetables? Traditional soups, stews and paellas, made with love at the hands of the fantastic ConBrassa team? How do you even choose, I think more than one visit is in order for sure.




ConBrassa Beer and Wine


The ample bodega at ConBrassa will not leave you feeling disappointed. White, red, rosé or sparkling? In their winery they have wines for all tastes and to match every type of dish. The difficult part is to choose which delicious bottle or glass you are going to pick to accompany your next lunch or dinner. If you’re planning a special occasion at ConBrassa then you can rest assured that they will know exactly what dinks to serve you to compliment your food.


ConBrassa even have their own beer, Seis Maltas, an American style barley wine with a delicious malty taste, as the name suggests. Not everyone is a wine drinker so this is a great alternative to the traditional dinner accompaniment.




If you’re feeling the late summer, barbecue by the beach vibe of ConBrassa you should really try it for yourselves, don’t just take our word for it.


All-in-all ConBrassa is a real treat and should be enjoyed as often as you possibly can. Make sure you book your table and we know you’ll enjoy every mouthful


Avda. Vicente Llorca Alos | Local 11, Benidorm, España

Phone: +34 965 86 60 36


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