Artificial Grass Spain and Charlesworth Gardens: Get much more from your outdoor space

The New Normality in Spain as we come through the Covid-19 outbreak is beginning to look very different. People are realizing just how important outdoor space is, especially if you fall into one of the ‘at risk’ groups, who need to shield. At Charlesworth Gardens, they’ve always known the importance of a relaxing space where you can connect with Nature, while keeping yourself and your family safe.


Real estate agents are noticing increased interest in larger properties, but that can be a drastic – and expensive – way of getting more outdoor space. And you may love your home, and not want to move anyway. However, the enforced period of lockdown has brought it home to some of us that we could make more of our outdoor space. The good news is, it need not cost a fortune to do it. And if you consider artificial grass as a design alternative, you may be surprised at how cost-effective and healthy it can be.


Artificial Grass Spain is the sister company of Charlesworth Gardens, and they often work together to bring the best solution for your garden.  Spain Life Exclusive spoke to Lee Charlesworth, who is the director and designer of both companies, and he gave us lots of good reasons for making the switch to artificial grass.


Why go for artificial grass:


Artificial Grass Spain


  • It’s good for the environment. Artificial grass requires no watering, so it follows you’ll use less water. You may feel your small amount of water saving won’t make much difference, but just imagine if lots of people made the switch. The planet would thank us.
  • It’s good for your budget. Using less water means lower water bills. And of course, there is no need for fertilisers, lawn mowers, or strimmers.
  • Low maintenance. No cutting, trimming and weeding, so more time to relax for you. Or you can save money on gardening fees, if you can’t manage your own garden maintenance.
  • If your home in Spain is your second home, or you spend a lot of time away, your grass is okay. There’s no need to ask someone else to look after it while you’re away, so that could be more money saved.
  • Insects don’t like it. The trouble with grass is, it’s a magnet for creepy crawlies and flying things, especially when it’s freshly watered.
  • Safe and versatile If you have young children, artificial grass is safer than the real thing. There’s no soil, so no danger of Junior feasting on soil or potentially dangerous weeds. And it’s kinder on little – and large – feet. Spanish grass can be coarse and even prickly underfoot – artificial grass is more comfortable to walk on, sit on and lie on.


The artificial grass supplied by Artificial Grass Spain is Spanish made and complies with stringent EU regulations for quality and safety. Lee is so confident of the quality of the product, it comes with an 8 year warranty, as long as its correctly installed.


If you’d like some real plants to go with your artificial grass, or maybe some interesting features, ask Lee for a no-obligation design consultation. With more than 25 years in garden design, he can help you make the most of your outdoor space.


Contact details:


Artificial Grass Spain



03720 Benissa, Alicante, Spain

Telephone:  696 283 704





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