Artfully Blending Style and Design with IDHOUSE

Based in the Costa del Sol, Ilze Dombrovska has started her business from the ground up to create unique living spaces adapted to each individual. 

IDHOUSE Showroom in Marbella 


Located in Marbella next to Puerto Banus, IDHOUSE boasts an impressive showroom collection of various interior design styles such as Contemporary to Art Deco, Scandinavian to Bohemian, you name it, to suit all our international clientele living in Costa del Sol from all around the world with varying tastes in styles. 

Prominent interior design studio IDHOUSE began just last May of 2018 and has withstood the storm of Covid-19. With the pandemic, many businesses have had to, unfortunately, close their doors, but IDHOUSE has been able to pull through due to sheer dedication, and pure love for what they do. 

According to founder, Ilza Dombrovska, “My passion is to see every project as a potential of giving a new life to the space, fulfilling clients wishes of creating their personalized place to enjoy”, and it’s not hard to see why. 


IDHOUSE Showroom


Ilze came up with the idea to establish her own interior design showroom of furniture, light installations and decoration pieces after years of designing, constructing and renovating houses and restaurants from scratch in the Marbella area.  

Delivering on value for time and money, you can count on Ilze’s team of experts to recreate your home with the vision that you have in mind. For Ilze, it’s especially important to listen and fully comprehend how each client leads their life, to adapt their living space accordingly. 

The premise of the IDHOUSE showroom in Marbella is created to represent individual style rooms, where each client can choose their own custom furnishings. We invite you to discover their Marbella showroom which will give you an immediate sense of her commitment to attention to detail for each living space. 


IDHOUSE Showroom



IDHOUSE has made the conscious decision to work exclusively with suppliers that can guarantee timely deliveries, and so the company is proud to be able to offer high-quality products which correspond to the clients pricing. 

In addition, IDHOUSE offers decoration items to bring life to your home, from vases, cushions, mirrors, and unique wall hangings, to high-quality artificial flowers, terrace lanterns, and even candles. 

They also focus on innovative and unique lighting installations and other finishing touches to give your home that certain, je ne sais quoi




Villa Refurbishment Project (exterior)


Restaurant Noto Project


Villa Refurbishment Project (interior)


About the Founder

The founder and creator of ID House is Ilze Dombrovska, from Latvia. Now based in Marbella, she’s been on an intriguing creative journey. 

Originally from Latvia, Ilze now lives and works in Marbella. Having always had an eye for detail, she received her primary college education in fashion design. She went to live in the United States for three years, before returning to Latvia, where she managed Hertz car rental, where she learned to acquire essential business knowledge. 

During this time, she thought about what it was that really drove her and what her true passion was, which was to be creative. She decided to do an online course in interior design in the United States, and this is where the passion began to forge. She picked up a few more courses and then realised she wanted to take her creative career to the next level. 

It was then, that Ilze signed up for an interior design course at Marbella Design Academy, which is where she really began to hone her skills and develop a keen eye. Upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture, she started renovating houses and restaurants in the Marbella area. 

It was at this time that the question from her clients arose, “Where can we find stylish furniture that can be delivered within a short space of time, for good value for time and money?” This was the very motivation that Ilze needed to start IDHOUSE Showroom. 

The showroom provides a wide range of various styles that Ilze has an eye for, and that she feels embodies her taste, from the use of natural shapes and materials to classic and glamorous collections. 


Ilze Dombrovska



IDHOUSE Address: 

Ctra. Nacional N – 340 km 173

Centro Comercial Azalea

Nueva Andalucia , Marbella 29660, Spain

+ 34 951 569 184


See for our online shop or to see all our ranges in the showroom. 


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