Art, design and exclusive products at Balthazar Project Gallery

The frantic life style that we carry in Spain makes us run everywhere. We go running to work, to do the shopping, to the gym and even to have drinks with our friends. But on the Costa Blanca life is calmer, especially in a small corner as charming as Moraira. There is Balthazar Project Gallery, a unique store that invites you to take your time among its corridors. Its owner, Patrick Jacquemin, seeks to make a difference by offering his loyal clientele a place to buy exclusive products while contemplating delicious pieces of art.


Sometimes you walk down the street and a store catches your attention. Its beautiful showcase enters through your eye. The lights and colors form a warm amalgam of cozy and subtle sensations. This is the case of Balthazar Project Gallery, a business that can only be described as different, unique and special. The selection of products that Patrick Jacquemin offers us is as bold as refined. His passion for art and decoration led him to create an interior decoration shop and exclusive products mixed with an art gallery, a concept that did not exist in Moraira before.



In this way, Patrick seeks to surprise us with a wide and curious selection of items, making available to customers things that can not be found in other stores. To offer those products that make a difference, he usually goes to several European fairs in search of novelties, antiques and other more modern pieces. For Patrick Jacquemin, the decoration of a home is something very personal, and it is important that its inhabitants feel identified with the space. That’s why their clients tend to look for exclusive products different from those of their neighbors.



But the wonderful furniture and decorative items are not the only items for sale at Balthazar Project Gallery. The idea is to offer an attractive and unusual catalog. Something different. That’s why it’s common to find there pieces of elegant clothing, accessories, cosmetics, speakers, stationery and, of course, the works of art exhibited in the gallery. There are even kitchen products, such as the refined condiments and spices by Nicolas Vahé, ideal to give an unforgettable and tasty touch to your dishes. Most of the products have Belgian, Scandinavian, Danish and Nordic origins and Patrick Jacquemin have an exclusive contract with some of the brands in this area of ​​the Costa Blanca.



As for its spectacular art gallery, all kinds of artists are exhibited at Balthazar Project Gallery. Most of them are Spanish, giving special importance to the extraordinary artists of the area who want to make themselves known. All them have in common a level of mastery that is above average. In its conceptual style, contemporary and avant-garde connotations are especially reflected. That is why the works exhibited in Balthazar Project Gallery go beyond marketing, focusing on the purely artistic movement. Thus, on its walls you can see paintings by the Mediterranean artist Rosa Padilla, the Argentine Melinda Stoker, the Valencian José Saborit, Daisy Simmons and the painter and sculptor Cristina Alabau, among many others. Stay tuned for news from Balthazar Project Gallery, as special exhibitions are often held with the presence of the authors!



Art Gallery. Exclusive products store. A place to find yourself. Balthazar Project Gallery is all that and more. Do not miss this extraordinary business in 5 Baranquet Street, near the beach of Moraira (Alicante). If you want more information about the store or the art gallery, you can call the telephone number +34 965 74 42 03, visit its Facebook page ( or its website (


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