Are You Looking For That Extra Help With Small Cosmetic Surgery?

In these days of cosmetic surgery and fillers -botox, being able to attend a hospital or clinic to gain a procedure has never been simpler.


However, with this also comes complications as a lot of people do not like the thought of attending hospitals with all the eyes on them or even the surgeons and theatre rooms and this can be a daunting place for a lot of ladies in particular.

Therefore, in the areas of Javea-Denia-Moraira, etc we have a lot of readers who wish to have some small work done to help and improve their appearance which to be fair does help for many medical reasons as well as giving them an appearance that improves their confidence as well.



So we here at Spain Life Exclusive have been searching across the past weeks to find a Doctor and clinic who can not only perform these procedures but also has good experience and a manner that makes the client feel totally at ease and confident of the final look and success.

So we have now come across Dr. Poole based in Javea who has over 30 years of experience in this field and also has some of the best reviews seen for this kind of work and procedures after meeting him this week there is no doubt if you want some form of cosmetic surgery that is not too invasive and can be performed in the same day then we highly recommend speaking and visiting his clinic CLINICA EL ARENAL in Javea.

Dr. Ignacio Poole is a general doctor and cosmetic surgeon, who has been practicing medicine since 1985 at his clinic in Javea. “El Arenal” offers a wide range of services from family practice to minor and cosmetic procedures.

 Dr. Poole, who graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid in 1984, has been practicing medicine since 1985 when he opened his clinic El Arenal in Javea. Since then, he has continued to train in aesthetic medicine in the greatest international settings, like Washington, Buenos Aires, Caracas, and others, alongside the best surgeons.

We can emphasize his significant training and work as a general practitioner in large hospitals, as well as various postgraduate courses in aesthetic specialties such as breast reduction and augmentation, abdominoplasty, facelift, liposuction, and others, from his excellent background.

Dr. Ignacio Poole has been a member of the Argentine Society of Aesthetic Surgery since 1995 and is now a medical aesthetic surgeon at his own clinic El Arenal in Javea as well as in the Clinica Virgen del Consuelo (Valencia), where he operated on his own patients from 1993 to 2009.

Liposuction, augmentation and reduction mammoplasty, brachial and abdominal dermolipectomy and face aging surgery, rhytidectomy, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, and other treatments are among those he has performed and he can be trusted to give the best advice on what treatments you need and to also advise on your overall care before and afterward as well.

Overall DR. POOLE is a highly qualified Doctor who can provide the kind of procedures that will save you high hospital bills and that scary type of feeling when you have to enter large hospitals we would like to recommend you call him for an appointment today if you are looking at having that treatment that can improve your health and look.

Call the clinic on 640 150 160  or email at for your FREE consultation or chat to find out how he can help with your needs.


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