Are you interested in solar energy for your home?

If so, then SOLAR NRG a Dutch company specializing in solar energy systems has now established itself this last year here in Costa Blanca.


Solar panels have now become a great way to offset energy costs and to reduce the environmental impact of your home and provide a host of other benefits and as such we now look at how this can make such a difference to your home or business.


Let us introduce you to the newly set up solar energy installation company SolarNRG here in Costa Blanca. They are new to the region but bring with them a vast experience and we highly recommend them to you.



Who are they?



Michael van Gaalen (worked at SolarNRG Netherlands) and his father Henry founded the company in 2019 after the government applied new laws and regulations here in Spain for solar energy systems by making the purchase of a solar energy installation interesting for private individuals.

With over 17 years of experience and more than 470,000 sold solar panels, we can say SolarNRG has extensive experience in the field of solar energy installations.






How interesting is a Solar energy installation?


Besides the fact that you are doing nature a favor with your green print, solar panels are very interesting as an investment for you personally or for your company, because we live in a country where we have sun almost every day, your investment return in an average of 6 to 7 year. In the best case, therefore, a return of 16% on an annual basis, not even considering that the electricity price increases every year.


Solar power is an ideal investment, but every roof is different and good advice is especially important – therefore we have more than seventeen years of experience with the most diverse roofs. Do you want high-efficiency panels? Or do you go for aesthetics? Or do you opt for the most economical solution? In addition to experience, we have a wide range of products, so that we can easily put together a solar power system that perfectly suits your situation and wishes.




Returning the unused power how does that work?


After installing a solar energy system, an application can be submitted to the supplier for the sale of the energy (electricity) that has not been consumed itself.

The rate that is paid for this is in accordance with the market value (currently approx. 0.05 euros per kWh).

Sounds interesting? Yes, for sure because there are so many hours of sunshine in Spain making it financially interesting to purchase a solar energy installation.


All necessary documents to your supplier required for this application are arranged by SolarNRG, you as a customer do not need to do anything.




Are there more benefits to be gained with a Solar energy installation?





By investing in solar energy, you absolutely increase the value of your home.


Another interesting fact: In many municipalities, there is a reduction on the IBI (annually recurring real estate tax) of 25% – 50% for 6 years, which shortens the payback period of your Solar energy installation.









The Solar energy installation can also be declared for deduction of income tax (IRPF) up to a purchase amount of € 8,000.00

(20% per year of the purchase amount for 5 years).





Are batteries still way too expensive?


They are still not cheap but batteries prices drop every year, but more and more clients decide to go

for a batterie pack for their energy needs at night or during the day when cloudy.


Also, a lot of our clients want to be independent when there is a power outage from the grid.

We have special systems that when a power outage occurred the batteries will automatically power

the house, we call this a Hybrid system.


I heard there are systems that deal with some shadow area´s over the panels for example a chimney.


Yes, it often happens to be that there is a chimney or a higher laying roof, shadow is something we try to avoid when installing a solar system, sometimes we can´t work our way around it.


Therefore, we have special solutions, (Solar Edge technology with power optimizers)

These little boxes will be installed behind each solar panel and they will manage the shadow on a panel basis instead of all the panels having issues because one panel lays in the shade during a certain hour.



Find below a real-life example of solar cost saving made by SolarNRG.








In short, Spain is ready to switch to Solar energy and SolarNRG is happy to help you with this by installing a customized Solar energy installation.


Is your interest aroused?

Visit their website  and fill in the form for a customized quote or send an email to  ask your questions, they will be happy to answer them.



Where is SolarNRG located?



Carretera Nacional 332

Partida Cap-Blanch 70-8

03590 – Altea

Telephone: +34 966 941 849  –  –





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