Are you going to vote on April 28 in the general elections of Spain? Get rid of the electoral propaganda and save paper

This year there are municipal, autonomous, general and European elections. The economic cost involved in these processes is very high. Among these expenses, economical and paper consumption is of particular concern. Do you want to stop receiving electoral propaganda by letter at your home and help the environment? In Spain Life Exclusive we tell you how to achieve it.


In recent years Spanish citizens have become very aware of the domestic economy and paper saving. With small changes of habits in our day to day we have been able to reduce the consumption of paper and increase its recycling. That’s why it is almost obscene the paper expense that an election entails. And this year there are four of them. The fact of receiving envelopes with electoral propaganda in the mailbox of our house to ask for our vote is a waste that we can now avoid.


Most of the time these envelopes end up in the trash without having even been opened by the receiver. But this matters very little to the political parties. According to the electoral law, public administrations have to pay with the money of all citizens that massive propaganda. Only in a general election that expense can reach 20 million euros. Putting a stop to this unnecessary waste of money and papel only takes now a couple of clicks. You just have to enter the webpage of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and request that your personal data be excluded from the copies of the electoral census that are delivered to political parties to send massive propaganda shipments. It is a free service that can be accessed by all people registered in the electoral list who have a digital identification certificate, such as the FNMT or the Cl@ve system of the electronic DNI.



The process is very simple:

  • In the “Acceder” section select your identification system.
  • Once inside, check that your data is correct and click on the option “Para solicitar la inclusión/exclusión en las copias para partidos pulse aquí”.
  • Change the “included” option to the “excluded” option.
  • Click on “Send request” and a receipt will be sent to you.



It’s as easy as that. However, now political parties want to counterattack by sending us electoral propaganda by email or messages to our mobile phone without asking us for permission. While some save, others spend.


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