Are these the best interior and garden designers in the Costa Blanca?

When talking about design one of the most important elements is of course the interior designers themselves. Designers are trained to understand the need of their clients and follow their hearts when it comes to designing the perfect homes and structures or at least they should be.


They share their experiences and help the people to move forward with their choices and their preferences…therefore choosing the right one will make your life easier when it comes to getting your space ready as soon as possible, whether it’s your home your office, or place of work overall and with the style that reflects your personality.


This of course all sounds great but it is not always that easy to find competent efficient people who do what you are looking for and whose service is not only impeccable but also what you require. Well, what if we told you that we have just come across what are probably the best interior-garden designers in Costa Blanca?


We are talking here about  TROSSET  who are a family business with more than 20 years of garden design and six years of interior design so they have vast experience in this sector and they are always in constant evolution and growth plus they know the market place very well and have extensive knowledge of the area and their customers after many years of hard work and dedication. Rarely do you see such a level of passion for what they do and this is reflected in every single project they put together and their motto is designed should be fun and practical.


So they combine the elements of beauty and function whilst getting through the process with the excitement we should all feel!



They offer the most complete and outstanding service as we mentioned above and after talking to them and seeing their projects, we have to say their designs-ideas and visions are superb.


When they talk about IN&OUT it is their interior and exterior new global service concept that they have created that is available for anyone who comes to meet them. So we asked them what does the In and Out mean exactly and they explained that it is for both your home and garden by offering a complete  Interior design service for your home and then being as talented as they are you won’t have to hire different designers for your garden as well as they do both and have produced extensive projects which have been simply spectacular as  TROSSET design all that you need.










Their philosophy is to design each project like it is their own with incredible results which we will show you here on some of their latest projects.



They have developed this idea after years of coordinating with some of the best professionals in every sector and always come up with the most adequate decorative options for every IN&OUT project for your home as well.














Their projects


Their main projects are about landscaping, design, and construction of gardens, plants, trees, cascades, interior, and exterior decoration, antiquities, garden-, contemporary -, vintage-, provencal -, and industrial furniture… They cover all the global necessities of your home, of your living space and garden and they always are looking for the perfect harmony.















Here we are going to show you two of their most known projects as some of our readers will have seen since we recently published an article about La Casita Boutique Hotel and Bar Restaurant El Campo.



La Casita Boutique Hotel







El Campo Bar Restaurant








As you can see, TROSSET has been able to perfectly reflect the exterior of Mediterranean style that this project required and typically feature a red-tiled roof (usually terra cotta), as well as brick or stucco that’s often painted white, stone details, the vegetation, etc. They know how to recreate it to the perfect setting.



Contact details:

Address: Calle Río Ter


Phone:  +34 637 41 43 27


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