AquaCar Parking Alicante: So much more than just safe airport parking

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected all aspects of life in Spain for the last two months, and tourism is arguably suffering most. There are no flights into or out of Alicante Airport at the moment, although Spanish residents can fly into Barcelona or Madrid to return to their homes. When Spain is safe again, AquaCar Parking will be ready to serve residents and holiday home owners by meeting all your parking requirements, short term and long term.


Wherever you are based on the Costa Blanca, taxis to the airport can be expensive and inconvenient. With this in mind, plus the rising cost of car hire, many residents and holiday home owners who spend a lot of time in Spain are going down the route of keeping a Spanish registered car on the road and using an airport parking service when they fly to other countries in Europe and beyond.


AquaCar’s long term rates start from just €335 per annum, which includes secure parking, 15 transfers for round trips, and external cleaning of your vehicle each time you drive it back to your home in Spain. The team will also make sure the vehicle starts and there are no nasty surprises for you, so you can enjoy your trip safe in the knowledge that your car is being cared for.




And if you’re away for longer than planned – such as being stranded by Covid-19 restrictions, to use a topical example – AquaCar can arrange for your car to be ITV’d in your absence. When you think that the base service costs less than €1 a day, keeping a car in long term parking makes much more economical sense than short term car hire in Spain or using taxis to get around.


In August, even a small hire car can cost €20 per day or more. Yes, there are deals around, and prices vary at different times of the year, but if you and your family spend a lot of time in Spain, it’s worth considering long term parking for your own car. Here in Spain, it’s the vehicle that’s insured, rather than the driver, so anyone over 25 who visits your property can use your car.


If this seems like something that would suit your budget and your lifestyle in Spain, contact AquaCar Airport Parking to find out how they can make spending time in Spain more convenient and cost effective for you. They were the first long term parking company at Alicante Airport, and according to their many loyal clients, they are still the best.




Contact details:


Ctra. aeropuerto Torrellano Km 1
Cp: 03320 Torrellano, Alicante

Telephone: 966 710 011



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