Amasvista & Sunflex glazing system: Transform your patio into a winter oasis

Winter is looming just around the corner and the of days of endless sunlight and warm weather are slowly but surely becoming a distant yet fond memory. The summertime delights of sipping your morning coffee on your bedroom balcony while basking in the sunrise or enjoying a lovely meal with friends on your outdoor terrace are sadly activities of a summer gone too soon. But do we have to give up on all of summers delights just because the temperatures are dropping? Absolutely not!  With the help of a glass-enclosed terrace or balcony, many of your summertime rituals can seamlessly flow right into your winter routine without missing a step.


The team at Amasvista Glass know the importance of utilizing every space in your home efficiently and consciously and believe the outdoor terrace is the epicentre for great memories. That is why they are proud to offer the Sunflex glazing systems that encloses your terrace or balcony with sleek and seamless glass panels. Instantly your outdoor spaces that were only used during the warm months are accessible year-round regardless of temperature or weather conditions. Sunflex offers protection from the elements and the versality to still become an open space when the seasons change.




The most sold product from the Sunflex line is the SF25, a slide-and-turn system with no vertical frame. And do not be discouraged if you think your terrace layout is too complex to accommodate a Sunflex glass enclosing system. The slide and Turn System SF25 offers the most customisation and flexibility that can adjust to your terrace design accommodating polygonal, squared or a simply straight design. It also can adjust to different height profiles and panels can be stacked open internally or externally based on your preference.


Making the choice to add a Sunflex glazing system to your terrace or balcony is a real enrichment to your home. Suddenly the harsh reality of winter is softened by the fact you can still retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the benefits of an outdoor space. From cuddling up with a good book while soaking in the afternoon sun to a pre-Christmas meal with friends surrounded by the lush green landscape of your backyard, a glazed patio truly adds a quality of living to your home during winter and beyond.


And it’s not only you and your family who will benefit from a Sunflex glazing system. Pets love to be able to take a nap and receive direct sunlight and plants can better survive winter when kept within the safety of an enclosed terrace.




Amasvista Glass is happy to help you discover how to add a Sunflex glazing system to your terrace or balcony. They offer a wide variety of options and are sure to be able to suit your needs. You can visit their website at to see the different Sunflex options or call 966 45 78 78 to set up an appointment.


Contact Details:

Address:Les Galgues industrial estate Calle La Pansa, 9, Pedreguer

Telephone: 966 45 78 78 (Office); 634 315 559 (Pedro, mobile)




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