Amasvista Glass: The best glass company on the Costa Blanca will improve your living space with their bespoke products

Amasvista Glass has been serving the Costa Blanca since 2011 with their bespoke, high quality glazing  products. The company also offers roofing solutions, awnings, persiana blinds and many more top quality products and services to improve your living space and add comfort, and value to your property. Spain Life Exclusive spoke to Melanie, who set up the company with her husband Sigi and their business partner Pedro.


Pedro is the salesman of the outfit, visiting customers in their homes, measuring up and providing quotations. He also liaises with the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) when building licenses are needed. Sigi is the technician and magician, who produces beautifully crafted units, and Melanie is the Queen of the Office and Showroom. Between them, they have all your needs covered.


Melanie is keen to assure everyone that Amasvista have the right hygiene and safety protocols in place to ensure that the home improvements you have been waiting to go ahead with can be planned in safety and comfort. Whether you wish to visit their showroom and workshop in Pedreguer, or prefer to arrange a free home visit, you can be sure that the Amasvista team will help you arrive at the perfect solution for maximising the potential of your living space.


One thing to bear in mind is that, while the State of Alarm continues, it’s best to call or email to arrange an appointment. That way, you can be sure you are expected, and won’t have to wait to enter the showroom if other clients are making their choices, since only two people can visit at the same time.


Amasvista glass


Melanie told me that all visitors are provided with single use plastic gloves, which are then disinfected before you inspect the materials on display. At the end of your visit, the gloves are disposed of, keeping the risk of virus drop and subsequent infection to a minimum. There are also face masks available if required, or you may wear your own. However, Melanie asks that you use the gloves provided, to avoid unnecessary cross contamination.


In the Amasvista showroom, you will not see finished products, because everything is manufactured in their production unit; they do not carry stock, everything is created on the premises to your exact measurements. There are, however, generously sized samples of the different grades and styles of glass, so you can see and feel the quality of the Sunflex products. As Melanie says:


If you have a hole, we can make you a window to fit it. If you want a cheap window to fill the hole, go to Leroy Merlin. If you want the best quality you can get, made to your requirements and made to last, come to Amasvista.


As Melanie so colourfully puts it, Amasvista don’t do cheap solutions, but they are justifiably proud of their reputation for providing quality, flexibility, safety and excellent service. Sigi has a background in technical engineering, and while he is very creative in his suggestions for glazing solutions, if he can’t build it safely, he won’t build it at all.


Amasvista glass


His engineering background allows him to calculate whether the materials he’s working with will stand up to the weight of the glass. For example, an aluminium frame won’t hold the weight of glass that a wooden frame could cope with. It’s this special attention to detail and the desire for perfection in everything they do that sets Amasvista ahead of the competition, and explains why much of their business comes from recommendations and returning clients.


Before they set up their own company, Sigi, Melanie and Pedro worked for another glazing  company, and could have bought the company when the CEO retired. However, they weren’t happy with the business ethics and operational details, so they decided to create their own company, where quality and safety were the main considerations, and clients could be certain that the products fitted would last. As Melanie says:


If you want to drive a Mercedes, but only want to pay for a Fiat, it won’t work. For the best products, you have to pay more, but at least you won’t pay twice, because if you buy from us, you will get the best glazing products available, and we build them so they can be altered or repaired if necessary.


That’s a refreshing viewpoint in this throwaway world, where nothing is built for repair, just replacement. All Amasvista products are made with premium quality Sunflex glass from Germany, and assembled using precision screws rather than glue, which means more flexibility and ease of access when things need changing or fixing.


Amasvista glass


The multilingual sales and design team speak English, German, Spanish and French, so planning your home improvement is simple. They can also deal with licensing requirements on your behalf, liaising with your local Ayuntamiento to ensure your construction is legal and cost effective, working to arrive at the best solution for your requirements.


Amasvista also work in partnership with other discerning, high grade professionals, so if your project requires the services of an ancillary specialist, such as a tiler, they can recommend someone who works to their own high standards of craftsmanship. By working with trusted traders, Amasvista take the stress and inconvenience out of property improvement.


As Melanie explains:


The difference is in the detail. Everything we work with is of the highest quality, down to the smallest fittings. It’s not easy to explain, but if you come to see us, we can show you the difference. Our glazing will stand up to all extremes of weather, because all the components are stringently tested for safety and performance. And we work with Sunflex glass from Germany. It doesn’t get better than that.


As with every business in Spain, the Covid-19 outbreak has caused problems for Amasvista and its clients. However, Melanie is optimistic for the future. They have already had interest in new projects, and have some pre-lock-down orders ready to go as soon as Spain opens its borders again and expats can return to their Spanish homes to have their new glazing solutions fitted. July and August is too hot for fitting roofs and conservatories, but planning and production from new and existing projects will continue for the summer.


In the meantime, Sigi is taking precautions to keep everyone safe as he works on their windows. He asks clients to remain inside and not offer the usually welcome refreshments as he works, as he takes his own food and drink with him to avoid virus transfer.


One important point that may not occur to people is that it’s really hot and uncomfortable to work in a mask. If you are can stay inside, in a different room than the one Sigi is working in, it means he can work safely and comfortably, and finish the job more quickly, so you can enjoy your new glazing from Amasvista.


Amasvista glass


I asked Melanie if she had a final message for any of our readers who may be considering a new glazing project right now. She told us:


Get in touch to discuss your requirements, and take advantage of our personal service. We may even be able to negotiate a special discount, to help people celebrate being alive and well after this difficult time. We are prepared for you – give us a call.


Contact details:


Les Galgues industrial estate Calle La Pansa, 9, Pedreguer

Telephone: 966 45 78 78 (Office); 634 315 559 (Pedro, mobile)


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