Amasvista Glass, Pedreguer: Sunflex glazing systems offer the best summer and winter living solutions

Amasvista Glass prides itself on being able to offer a solution to any glazing problem, enabling you to make the most of your home by increasing living space, reducing outside noise nuisance and offering protection from the elements. Amasvista use Sunflex glazing installations, as they combine innovative design with exceptional quality and versatility.


Sunflex SF35 slide and turn:


The Sunflex SF35 slide and turn glazing system is one of the most versatile installations there is, as it’s adaptable to every living space, even barrier free dwellings for the disabled or elderly. There’s a choice of flush or weathered bottom track, and the flush option is also safer for households with young children, as it’s one less thing for them to trip over.


Unlike conventional glazing systems, you won’t have your view obstructed by large frames. The Sunflex system features slim but strong aluminium frames, and double glazed glass panels which slide to the side and stack internally or externally. This means you have an uninterrupted view from your terrace or balcony when the panels are folded back, and more light in the winter months when the panels are closed, since the aluminium frames are virtually invisible.


Amasvista Glass


All the fixtures and fittings are concealed by the installation, leaving a flawless, beautiful finish which will add prestige and value to your home as well as creating extra all-weather living space. The running systems is low noise, low maintenance and resistant to hot and cold weather extremes, so there’s very little to go wrong with your Sunflex SF35 slide and turn system.


Sunflex SF25 slide and turn:


This system is all glass, you you’ll have a completely uninterrupted view, whether you have it installed inside or outside. The big advantage of choosing this solution is that it makes no visible changes to the build appearance of your property. So if you have unusual features you don’t want to cover, or if you have large spaces to enclose, this system may work better for you.


Sunflex SF20 sliding system:


Amasvista Glass


If you love the look of conventional sliding doors, but find them difficult and heavy to move, maybe this is the solution for you. Featuring an all glass profile which will never obscure your view, this system is ideal for a large space where you don’t want supporting structures. There’s also a unique follower system for closing, and each panel is collected by the next, to ensure easy, effortless opening and closing.


These are just some of the glazing solutions open to you at Amasvista glass. Each of the options can be tailored to your specific requirements, and the great thing about Sunflex systems is they are made with you in mind, so if you decide to ring the changes, your Amasvista technician can make adjustments for you. With the winning combination of Sunflex and Amasvista, you will never be stuck with a glazing solution that doesn’t meet your needs. Contact the team now for your no obligation home consultation.


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