Alvarado Dental Clinic: A Specialist Dental Clinic Ahead of Its Time

Alvarado Dental Clinic in Valencia is the home to over 25 years worth of experience when it comes to giving you that stunning smile. Their aim is to solve the dental problems of patients in the most definitive way in the shortest possible time.


Their individual and personalised treatment plans for patients offer a tailored approach when it comes to dentistry.




With a host of specialists within their team, Alvardo Dental Clinic is equipped to tackle any dental issues they’re faced with by employing the latest in tooth transforming technology.



The implantology team provides a state of the art treatment for damaged or missing teeth that is the future of dentistry, giving you a seamless smile without the hassle of traditional dentures. They are the only clinic in Spain who can give you a new tooth with treatment on the same day with completely rehabilitating the mouth in a maximum of 7-10 days, as they don’t require bone grafting or breast lift. Furthermore, no sutures means no pain something Alvarado Dental Clinic prides themselves on.


Their Invisalign Orthodontic treatment plan supplied can give you an unintrusive realignment alternative to the more traditional metal brackets treatment (although this is also available at Alvarado for more cases that require it)



For those who aren’t the biggest fans of dental surgery, visiting Alvarado Dental Clinic is now anxiety free with the implementation of conscious sedation that brings the patient to a state of total relaxation while remaining conscious, giving full pain relief without the need of general anaesthetic.  


Recovery time is also a breeze with their Elexxion Diode Laser treatment. This futuristic device generates a beam of light that aims to reduce the time it takes the body to heal, minimising inflammation, destroying bacteria and providing sensitivity & pain relief to the affected areas.



Alvarado Dental Clinic is bringing the future of dentistry to you.


For more information, you can check out their website


Or get in touch by phone at +34 963 034 838


Address: Calle Hernan Cortés 13 low 46004 VALENCIA

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