All about the exclusive handcrafted gin in Moraira presented by entrepreneur Bert Wetts (Le Dauphin Restaurant)

Entrepreneur Bert Wets, who runs one of the best restaurants on Costa Blanca, Le Dauphin, the luxury French cuisine restaurant located in the beautiful cove of El Portet, presents his handcrafted gin QR Gin. A gin with a lot of personality, Mediterranean style distilled in Spain.






This Daily fresh Qr Gin is made with the best Mediterranean Juniper berries, Almonds of Alicante, and Kumquats. It is obtained by means of double distillation in a copper still and made entirely by hand and paying a lot of attention to ecological and healthy products to create it. QR Gin stands out from any other due to their carefully selected ingredients, all local and fresh, and is made for the most exquisite palates.


QRGIN was born out of a passion for gin, during 28 years they have served and tasted 100 different gins with friends and clients in their restaurant (Le Dauphin/Moraira).


Therefore they wanted to create a special gin made with organic products, all from the Mediterranean region of Alicante / Moraira. So they have chosen 2 different flavours that represent the day and the night.








This QR is differentiated by its almond aroma with a hint of kumquats that gives it a fruity freshness.

















This QR differs by its aroma of almonds with a hint of mountain herbs that gives it a dry herbal touch.




The first QRGIN is a fresh daytime gin made with 12 different botanicals where almonds and kumquats give it a fruity freshness and is ideal for drinking on a sunny day or can be reminiscent of a sunny Mediterranean day.

The second QRGIN is completely different and is made with 24 botanicals, a fresh but dry gin where herbs such as nutmeg, rosemary, and cloves give it a delicate but strong herbal flavour ideal for evening drinking.

























The recipes are made with a lot of love, testing and correcting and of course with the help of the excellent distillery ‘De Brouwhoeve’ who used their experience and craftsmanship to make these QRGIN’s a Premium.





Both QRGIN’s are double distilled with the finest herbs and fruits, all delicately selected and macerated for 48 hours beforehand.

It is recommended to serve these QRGIN’s on the rocks to enjoy the quality of the gin itself. Adding a smooth tonic, with tight garnishes will give you the most refreshing drink you can imagine to enjoy with friends and family.


If you want to know more about the launching of this exclusive Gin and all what’s coming, there’s a sneak peek on it today on Teulada Digital in an interview with Bert Wets.



Stay tuned!


Moraira – Spain


IG – @qrginspain

FB – QR Gin Spain


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