Alborada: The Michelin Star Restaurant in Murcia that mixes Creativity and Cuisine

Alborada is one of the top restaurants in the region of Murcia, with Chef David Munoz winning a Michelin star this year. It is a place where art, high-end cuisine, and creativity mix to propose a variety of mouthwatering dishes. They have recently updated their menu and we are here to talk about the new additions.

For many Alborada is a synonym for surprise and innovation. With a focus on the traditions of Murcian food, chef Munoz provides a modern twist to all of his dishes. For many, dining at Alborada is not only about the meal but the whole experience including the creative plating, the impeccable service, and as mentioned previously the element of surprise.

Pictured here is one of the highlights of their menu: poached egg with foie in a white truffle sauce and grated seasonal truffles. The effort put into the preparation of every recipe is just as outstanding as the plating.

poached egg with foie and truffle

The second dish consists of a cod salad, with asparagus mayonnaise and a pickle vinaigrette. This dish is an ideal option for a light and tasty meal for the summer.

The third dish and one of our personal favorites is roasted artichokes with a Russian salad. This is not regular artichoke as it has been prepared with truffle and foie to elevate each of its flavors. The presentation of this plate is so creative and innovative that it has continued to blow away all of its clients. Art and cuisine mix to provide each of the guests who order this dish with a superb experience.

One of the house specialties is seafood. Chef Munoz focuses on providing high-quality raw
materials and fresh produce for each of his plates. Through his seafood dishes, you can
discover authentic flavors of the region. Below you can find two of his best seafood dishes.
The top dish showcases a bass served with a wheat risotto and paired with wakame. The
bottom dish is a red mullet that has been fried in garlic and paired with a Jerez vinaigrette.

sea bass and cod with risotto

There is no doubt that Alborada is worthy of every award it has been given. The textures, the food, the cozy ambiance, and the chef’s ability to keep surprising their guests make it worthwhile. We invite you to try this restaurant for yourself so you can indulge in the classic, yet innovative cuisine of Chef David Munoz.


Contact details:

Address: C. Andrés Baquero, 15, 30001 Murcia

Phone Number: 968232323

LUNCH: Tuesdays to Sundays from 13.00 til 15.00
DINNER: Wednesday to Saturdays from de 20.00 til 22.30

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