Alberto Ferruz, the chef behind la Marina Alta revolution.

“My cooking philosophy? To be happy, promote and express myself through the cuisine from la Marina Alta” – Chef Alberto Ferruz, BonAmb Restaurant. 

The chef Alberto Ferruz, from Zaragoza, studied in San Sebastian and then Paris learning from the best to become the best. The experience of working in places like India, Saudi Arabia, Holland or Paris, changed him. While travelling, he discovers how tradition and culture can transform familiar ingredients into something completely new. 

On his return, he felt like a new person, a more rounded individual with a global vision that made him appreciate the things he had back home like the quality of the products and the people. 

BomAmb tradition and vanguard

Inspiration and ideas 

His ideas come from reading a lot, talking to people from the area, asking and learning how things used to be. To then portrait tradition and innovation through his unique gastronomic vision without any constraint – he feels free to experiment. “Anything goes” – he admitted frankly.

Alberto Ferruz a chef like no other

The fellowship of the chefs  

The bonding among chefs is evident, it is a lot easier to talk to someone who shares similar professional and creative interests. In the end, chefs are all artists who instead of choosing a musical instrument or a canvas, have found in the kitchen their path to express emotions and excite diners’ senses.

Chef Alberto Ferruz's food creationsHow to enjoy an award-winning gastronomic experience? 

According to Alberto, if you have never been to a Michelin star restaurant before, the only thing you need to enjoy the experience is to dive right in and be part of the “theatre play”. Be ready for a new experience where Alberto uses familiar ingredients prepared in surprising ways. The aim is to incite memories, to reconnect with forgotten feelings buried deep within us. If the food manages to do that, Alberto knows the dish will be a success. 


Projects for 2020 and beyond

At the beginning of this month, they started their new gastronomic season called Vents divided into three chapters, depending on the time of year. Llebeig will be the first chapter with which Ponent and Mestral will start and follow.

He also has been involved in the new Casa Pepa project, a mythical old restaurant run by Pepa Román. The idea is to try to follow the legacy left by her but giving it a current touch.

A busy year ahead for this chef that we will be keeping an eye on and you should too if you want to dive into the tastes of la Marina Alta.

Reserve your table and experience BonAmb restaurant for yourself. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.


BonAmb restaurant

Carretera Benitachell, 100, Jávea – 03730 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 084 440

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