Ajomarinba, A Space To Discover the Most Beautiful Ceramics

Ajomarinba’s fascination with one-of-a-kind pieces distinguished by their beauty, the passage of time, or the techniques used to create them inspires her to create a space where you can find elements for the decoration of various spaces.


In this article, we present unique ceramics imported from Taiwan and now available in Ajomarinba’s workshop in Elche.





These ceramics are more than just an object; they are an important component in creating the most pleasant environment at home. All products are handcrafted with the intention of conveying “life’s aesthetics, craftsmanship for everyday life.” Dinner plates, teapots, vases… everyday objects that are easy to overlook but have a long history of adding a personal touch to our homes.




DU-A-HO (pronounced “Toot-A-Hou”)


DU-A-HO combines art and functionality for comfortable everyday use. Founded in the mid-winter of 2015, with the pronunciation of “fair” in Taiwanese as the main axis, with living utensils, tea accessories, and coffee accessories as the main axes, focusing on the creation and promotion of ceramic crafts.



They consider the relationship between people and utensils when designing ceramic products, resulting in functional designs with simple lines and lightweight. Now available at the lovely Ajomarinba workshop.



Yipo ceramics-Tainan Project


Their aim is to create unique art by taking advantage of the local resources of your hometown. This artist uses shale from the Longqi Badlands, Tainan (Southern Taiwan), thus incorporating local natural resources into his works.

It is not easy to shape, so they had to develop creative production methods, using clays and porcelain powders from the United States and Japan, which together with the local shist formed a material with very special properties.


Contact Details:

Partida Daimes – Polígono 1, N200-A

03293 Derramador – Elche

+34 626 70 09 77



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