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AIS International School – Costa Blanca Education with a difference

AIS International School, situated on a hilltop between Altea, Alfaz del Pi and La Nucia with panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges and coastline

AIS International School

We at Spain Life Exclusive have recently been in touch with the  AIS International School and were incredibly impressed with their educational ethics and vision for the future. 


AIS International School, situated on a hilltop between Altea, Alfaz del Pi and La Nucia with panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges and coastline is a gem of place for the education of children aged 6 to 18 years old.


Founded in 2012, AIS International School is a British international school.  It was set up by a group of enthusiastic parents who identified a need for a more holistic approach to educating adolescents at secondary level.  Anja and Yaron Traub had the inspiration, in response to this desire, to create a school where the foundation was set to educate young people using a creative balance between an all-round education and meeting exam requirements. The intrinsic involvement of the parents in the school events and the invested relationships that the teachers develop with parents of each and every student, means that they consider themselves very much as a “learning community”. 


The school started out with 8 students in secondary in Altea but in 2016 they moved to their now permanent home, the picturesque, historic and spiritual setting of El Cautivador. This Costa Blanca school now educates 130 students including primary, secondary and A-levels.


AIS International School


AIS International School Milestones, Goals and Values


– In 2017 AIS reached its goal to provide the full range of secondary education.

– 2018 and 2019 saw primary classes 5 and 6 develop.

– In September 2020, the first class of class 1 (Year 2) for children aged 6 to 7 has opened.

– The goal for the next five years is to offer the full range of education years from primary through to A-levels.


The school has also developed their own set of values that they live by and incorporate throughout their learning environment and community:


Creativity, Curiosity, Kindness, Personalised approach, Enthusiasm, Connectedness


These values sum up the foundations on which the AIS educational approach is built.


AIS International School


The AIS vision for the future


AIS International School aspire to adopt a system for balanced education, they aim to support students, and their parents, throughout their school lives and provide them with a warm, nurturing environment in which they can thrive. AIS students will learn about social awareness, emotional wellbeing and happiness in every aspect of their education. The aim of AIS is to provide a holistic educational approach to learning: less testing = better environment = better results. The school setting is very much a natural one, it is multi-cultural, inclusive and safe for all students. You can read more about the vision of AIS and the introduction from Anja, the headteacher on their website here.



Why choose AIS International School?


There are many reasons to consider AIS as an option for the education of your child:  


  • The AIS educational approach uses principles of Steiner Waldorf education integrated with the British Curriculum and mindfulness, which support learning in a stress-free environment.  
  • There is an emphasis on creativity and wellbeing while achieving excellent academic results. 
  • It is a truly international school for international families; it works well for those children of families who may be transient due to work postings or those that have decided to move to Spain from another country. 
  • AIS teachers and other staff provide an environment where students find it easier to adapt and offer a personalised approach to them and their families, that makes them feel like a fully integrated part of the school community.
  • The historic and unique buildings, open gardens and outdoor spaces all set in a natural environment.


Plus here are some of the benefits of educating your child at AIS:


  • The class sizes are small 
  • Lots of open outdoor space brings health benefits especially in the current environment
  • There is a strong emphasis on outdoor learning 
  • Children learn at their own pace; they can be authentic to their true selves
  • Sustainability is intrinsic and they learn a deep sense of responsibility for their environment


AIS International School


What about extra-curricular activities and community events?


In addition to the school day a full range of extra-curricular activities is on offer. In term time there is an extensive choice of activities to take part in, these include piano lessons, rap class, Spanish and English classes, sports – Basketball and Karate, drama, art and gardening – something for everyone! 


During summer school, which runs throughout July, the children experience full immersion in English on all levels, while taking part in crafts, pottery, sports, drama, singing and dancing, and can also take intensive Spanish or English classes. 


The Entrepreneur programme is a unique initiative designed to help teenagers learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship while encouraging them to be creative.  Currently part of summer school, the AIS Start-Up for Teens course is guided by their computer science teacher, PhD and entrepreneur, Tommy Bernabeu. The children learn how to create a business plan, manage capital, and give back to their community. Practical education at its best.


It’s not just the students that get to take part in these activities.  Parents also get to join in with exciting excursions for all the family, seasonal fayres, walks, parties, ski trips, markets and craft-making classes. AIS is a thriving community of students, their parents and friends and the AIS team.




In preparation for the beginning of term, AIS created an information document and a video explaining the necessary changes and plans with respect to the opening of school. It is provided in English and in Spanish. Take a look here.


If you’re considering looking into international schools on the Costa Blanca for your child get in touch with them through their website, where you will also find a wealth of information. You can also get in touch via their Facebook page, Instagram, call them on +34 625295634 or email on info@altea-international-school.es.


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