After the storms comes a calm in all areas of Spain

The month of February came with cold, snow and strong winds. However, for this week it have reserved a small breather. The maximum temperatures will rise in all the autonomous communities, reaching some even at 20ºC.


This rise of the thermometer will be especially noticeable in the area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea, with almost spring weather. They minimum temperatures also rise. Although there will be some frosts at the beginning of the week, these will give way to a more pleasant climate.



In the north of the Iberian Peninsula there will continue to be cloudy intervals and some rains, in addition to intense winds, although softer than the previous week. In addition, there will be mists in the northwest area that will disappear as the days pass, while the haze arrives in the Canary Islands. On the other hand, there will continue to be very intense winds in the Valencian Community, but they will be receding little by little.


But we can not trust this increase in temperatures. There are warnings of possible avalanches in Gerona, Lérida, Huesca and Navarra, while strong waves are expected on the islands of Mallorca and Menorca. During the weekend a low pressure area will approach the Iberian Peninsula that could bring rainfall in the north, and even affect the weather of the rest of the Spanish regions. So do not put away your winter clothes!


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