ACE DNTL: How to Get the Best Possible Smile Makeover 

The game-changing dental clinic ACE DNTL in Marbella has a multidisciplinary team of professionals passionate about dentistry and with great experience in a variety of treatments focused on improving dental aesthetics, among others. Today they share with us how to achieve the perfect smile: 

Dr. Ace Korkchi 


Based in Marbella, ACE DNTL is an innovative new brand of dentistry that strives to change the way people think about the casual trip to the dentist. 

Striving to transform the way you typically think about the dentist, is ACE DNTL | STUDIO in Marbella. Based in Nueva Andalucia, they wish to provide a “new” type of dentistry to their clients, pushing the envelope with the latest technology. 

Named after Dr Ace Korkchi ACE DNTL is dedicated to craftsmanship, detailed artistry and state-of-the-art technology, Korkchi aims to bring the Marbella residents a new type of cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr Ace shares with Spain Life Exclusive how he helps his patients via his one visit per day consultations, how to achieve the best possible smile makeover. 


Trusting the Dentist and the Process

Your dentist plays an important role in overcoming such fear is played by the dentist. It’s vital that your dentist learns communication techniques and maintains a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, promoting sincerity and understanding. 

ACE DNTL has a very well-established protocol set in place so that they can guide their patients throughout the experience with calm and ease, resulting in successful and beautiful outcomes. 

For the patient, trusting the dentist means making an informed decision, and making it together with the dentist. In turn, the professionals at the studio mediate the patient’s decision in a moral way. 

The dentists at ACE DNTL are passionate about working side by side with their patients to find that perfect level of understanding. Since our smile is personal to us, it should be dealt with on a highly personal level. 

The Importance of Materials

ACE DNTL exclusively works with the highest quality zirconia and porcelain. The team is aware that there is a difference between the materials dentists are using and the way they are processed by the dentist and technician. 

Regarded as the “Ferrari” of zirconia, the zirconia they use is from the Dolomites in Italy,  branded German.  It’s a highly biocompatible zirconia material with high translucency and at the same time a high flexural strength. 

Many clinics don’t go the extra mile when it comes to getting in the best quality materials, and for this reason, offer cheaper prices. It’s worth noting that some of these clinics charge 10 times the price we charge per crown. 

Thanks to their in-house highly trained and master ceramist/technician, ACE DNTL offers the opportunity to modify and add the final touches by hand. This craftsmanship brings the material to life and the beauty reaches another level. They cut away material, shape, add layers of porcelain, and even paint shadows and depths. 

Hence, they are proud to compare themselves to the best clinics in the world, since they use similar protocols, materials, and post-process. 

Expert Techniques

3D Painting and Characterisation

ACE DNTL is equipped with the skills to recreate each area of the tooth with a characteristic touch and with a very delicate method. With the use of paint and stains, they are able to create the illusion of transparency and volume in space. The end result achieved is natural-looking teeth, giving a stunning smile makeover.


The Index Cutback Technique

ACE DNTL uses the latest generation materials used for the fabrication of veneers, allowing them to apply carving techniques with minimum thicknesses, being much less invasive and conservative with the remaining dental tissue. 

The technique consists of “cutting-back” a layer from the front surface of the milled restoration and by small portions of porcelain, layering a new frontal surface that will recreate the anatomical transparencies and optical effects of a natural tooth. 

This unique technique is difficult to master, and Dr. Ace’s team has honed their skills over many years of dedicated practice. 


Choosing the Right Form

Finally, ACE DNTL is aware that they are not working to put someone else’s smile in the patient’s mouth. However, they are there to improve each patient’s already existing smile. 

When shaping the teeth, it’s important not to pay too much attention to the small details of each tooth. Each tooth is a part of the smile, and overall, a part of the face.

ACE DNTL is at your disposal in order to strike the perfect harmony between the face and smile as a whole, to create a beautiful looking, natural result. 

Work by Dr. Ace 

By Dr. Eyal 




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