ACE DNTL: A trendy and personalized approach to dentistry in Puerto Banus

In the heart of Puerto Banus, Dr. Ace Korkchi, a visionary dentist is revolutionizing the concept of dentistry with a unique and personalized approach. Today, after 11 years of dedicated work, Dr. Ace’s new concept dentistry, ACE DNTL, is flourishing and expanding.

Designing the clinic:

At ACE DNTL STUDIO, patients experience a refreshing and efficient dental protocol that is both cutting-edge and detail-oriented. Dr. Ace proudly claims, “We are fully digital with a touch of hand craft”, representing the perfect blend of technology and artistry. This approach ensures that patients receive the most natural-looking crowns and veneers, setting ACE DNTL STUDIO apart from the competition.

Beyond the technical aspects, Dr. Ace’s background in design and his keen eye for aesthetics have significantly influenced the clinic’s overall ambiance. His aim is to eradicate the notion of scary or unpleasant dental experiences and transform the way people perceive dentistry. By meticulously analyzing and understanding dental phobia, Dr. Ace has created a new trend in boutique dental clinics that prioritize patient comfort and style.

Aesthetics and patient comfort:

The clinic’s layout is thoughtfully designed to merge small treatment rooms into spacious, welcoming spaces. Every detail, from the music and ambiance to the soothing scents, contributes to an environment that helps patients feel relaxed and at ease. As soon as you step into ACE DNTL STUDIO, you’ll notice that it feels nothing like a typical dental clinic.

Different from the ordinary chain dental clinics with multiple treatment rooms and a constant rotation of dentists, ACE DNTL STUDIO maintains a distinct focus on individualized care. Patients can expect a first-class flight experience with Dr. Ace, as he dedicates his time and expertise solely to one patient per day.

Embracing quality over quantity:

At ACE DNTL STUDIO, the focus is on delivering exceptional service rather than following the typical high-volume patient business model. Dr. Ace believes that every patient deserves top-notch care and attention to detail. By adhering to this philosophy, ACE DNTL STUDIO stands apart as a sanctuary of dental excellence.

With Dr. Ace Korkchi’s innovative vision and design-focused approach, ACE DNTL STUDIO is setting a new standard for dentistry in Puerto Banus. By combining advanced technology, meticulous craftsmanship, and a patient-centric environment, Dr. Ace’s clinic is transforming dental visits into trendy and enjoyable experiences. Whether you’re a top influencer, celebrity, or just someone looking for top-tier dental care, ACE DNTL STUDIO promises an unforgettable journey towards a flawless smile. Step into this dental haven, and you’ll never look at dentistry the same way again.

Contact details:


Mon-Fri: 09-18

Sat: Closed

Avda pilar Calvo , centro comercial iberico,

29660, Nueva Andalucía

Phone: +34 951 56 75 47


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