A Plot in a Million From M3BT

Gandia is the second largest city in the province of Valencia situated on the Costa del Azhar, and it is becoming more and more popular with foreign visitors as it becomes better known in the area.


Situated approximately 2 kilometres from the beach, Gandia couples as a bustling centre of business and commerce, alongside a relaxing beach resort. It is one of Spain’s principle orange growing regions, with the scenery being much greener than in the south of Spain.



An Area Steeped in History


The history and architecture of Gandia hails from the 15th and 16th centuries, and is best known for the Borgia family during the Renaissance. The Passeig de les Germanies is a beautiful tree-lined promenade with fountains and benches nestled in the centre near plenty of modern shops bars and restaurants, boulevards and parks set amongst historical treasures including the Ducal Palace and Gandia Cathedral.



Food for All Tastes



Although rice is a popular dish in Valencia, Gandia prides itself on its own variation namely fideuà where noodles are a substitute for rice and are cooked with fish and shellfish. But there is still ample choice for meat lovers.




A Unique Plot on Offer from M3BT



MB3T have a unique plot situated 20 minutes from Gandia with impressive vides of the Safor Valley and sea. This flat plot is 1009m2 with plans to build a 284m2, 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom villa with a 10 x 5 m pool. This plot location is equidistant to Valencia and Alicante airports Gandia is also linked to the national and European rail networks, making it an ideal location.


To contact M3BT about this plot:



Phone: +34 962 815 272



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