A Look into Tailor-Made Interior Design by Darch & Co’s

Multidisciplinary studio in Sotogrande, Darch & Co shares the details and inner workings of two of its latest interior projects. 

Based in Sotogrande, Darch & Co is a place Jessica Darch has made a flourishing environment for interior design. Stepping outside of traditional boundaries, it even manufactures its own furniture for its clients. In this way, clients can be assured that they’re getting completely personalized service. A hub for creativity, Darch & co is where art and culture fuse, where other artists can also showcase their work in temporary exhibitions. 

Inspired by the colours of Sotogrande, the Darch team love to experiment with different chromatic ranges. Depending on the clients’ preferences, either the texture or the material is the main protagonist of a project. 

A well-decorated home perfectly reflects who lives in it. The decorators and designers at Darch & Co specialise in creating interiors that represent its clients’ personalities. 

At the moment, Darch & Co currently has various exciting interior design projects in the works, and we’re delighted to share some of the details of the exclusive behind-the-scenes action.  

When undertaking a custom interior project, Darch & Co. takes special care in offering a comprehensive service, taking the entire house into account, including the decor on the outdoor terrace. As you can see, Darch enjoys playing with contrasting textures, as can be displayed in the choice of furniture. 

The correct and consistent use of colours, materials and light in the interior undoubtedly has a great effect on the perception of space. Correctly establishing coherence and harmony in the interior is not only about equipping the space with similar objects. The perfect fiction of interior design; it is possible by emphasizing some details and situations while considering the space as a whole with the concepts of volume, proportion, material, scale and colour.

In this second project, we can see elements of a more art-nouveau style, as well as the use of Jessica’s beautiful mural paintings, all done entirely by hand. 

Again, we can see the use of contrasting textures, with the carpet and sofa fabrics. At the same time, there is a harmony of colours, which is what gives it back a feeling of order. 

Contact Darch & Co for more information of tailor-made custom interior design decorating for your home. 


Address: Sotomarket Office 26-27 

Phone: +34 616 77 19 05

Opening hours: 10-18:00H

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