A Look Back on the Success Story of Direkt Optik in Moraira

Having left so many of our readers satisfied after a successful trip, we’re going to recount the story and accomplishments of specialist opticians at Direkt Optik. 

English-speaking opticians in Moraira, Direkt Optik has been going above and beyond to deliver a top-quality professional service when it comes to their clients’ eye health. At Spain Life Exclusive, we’re delighted to learn that ten people made the trip recently from Denia to Moraira to get their eyes tested. 

It’s worth making it clear to your optician before the test begins whether you will be conducting the test in English or Spanish, so that nothing is lost in translation, and there is no confusion about the pronunciation of certain similar words. At Direkt Optik, the staff understands the importance of feeling totally at ease when it comes to anything to do with our health, so you can remain assured that’ll be in good hands.

Direkt Optik has been providing quality eye care on the Costa Blanca for 15 years, with fully comprehensive eye tests in English or Spanish using the latest testing equipment. Established in 2008, Direkt Optik produces all types of visual health products including prescription glasses, contact lenses, designer sunglasses, and eye care products. 

The area has many ex-pat residents from the UK, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and Scandinavia that are well served by Direkt Optik’s bi-lingual staff. First established in 2008, Direkt Optik performs its comprehensive eye exams by fully-qualified opticians with an extensive background of experience. These exams can evaluate whether your eyes may have any underlying issues that can go unnoticed. 

Eye exams are essential for health maintenance for both adults and children. It’s recommended that everyone has regular eye check-ups to detect early signs of eye disease or other conditions that can affect your vision as well as your overall health. 

How long has it been since you’ve had your eyesight checked? Direkt Optik helps us to understand the importance of having your eyes checked at least once every 2 years for adults, and more frequently for children. 

Not only to enjoy perfect eyesight but also to prevent possible diseases, some not directly related to eyesight, such as glaucoma. 

Get Your Children’s Eyes Tested at Direkt Optik

Eye conditions are much easier to treat while children are still in the developing stages, so it’s important to diagnose any eye health problems as early as possible. Direkt Optik is also highly-trained in performing eye tests for children in order to detect any early issues. 

By performing eye exams in childhood, Direkt Optik can prevent problems in our children’s eyes.

By eye exams, we mean identifying in time any eye condition or disability that may cause a vision loss problem. Eye conditions are much easier to treat while children are still in the developing stages, so it’s important to diagnose any eye health problems as early as possible. 

Special 3 for 1 Offer on Prescription Glasses

We recommend taking advantage of Direkt Optik’s brilliant 3-for-1 deal on prescription glasses, while sales last. 

The three kinds of glassed on offer are as follows: any kind of prescription lenses from a choice of over 700 frames, a second pair of the same frame and quality, and the third pair of reading or distances glasses, all for the price of one pair. 

Step inside Direkt Optik’s opticians in Moraira today to discover its special promotion on prescription glasses: 

Transition Lenses 

We also suggest heading to the store to ask about their current models and frames available for transition lens glasses. This kind of eyewear is equally on-trend and improves your overall eye health. 

It doesn’t matter if your frame model is large, simple, or very sophisticated. Transitions lenses are designed to fit virtually any frame, style, size and prescription. With this type of lens, they automatically go from light to dark and every shade in between – you can choose the shade that best suits your needs: green, grey, brown, indigo, amethyst, and amber. 

Transitions lenses not only make everything look great, but they also reduce eye strain and fatigue. They even block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

The shop is located in the Costa Blanca region of Spain, just outside the coastal town of Moraira overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 9.30am – 6.00pm

Saturdays 10.00am – 2.00pm

24th December 9.30am – 1.00pm

25th, 26th December Closed

Telephone: 965 745 989

Address: Carretera Moraira – Calpe 122,



Alicante, España

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