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Whether you are moving to Spain, getting a second house or relocating, getting the absolute perfect property is very important. We are not estate agents, but a lot of our content partners are, and we’re proud to bring you a selection of their finest and most exclusive properties on sale right now. We don’t feature just any properties on our site – they are all special because of their design, location or interiors.

All of the properties currently featured here are in the Costa Blanca area. You can narrow down your search using one of the headings below, or look at all our properties in one place right here.

villa_vistas_del_mar_lasella_ls0567Villas for Sale

The villa is really the peak of luxury here in Spain. It’s what most of us think of when we dream of our ideal Mediterranean home. We’ve hand-pick the very best villas for sale in Spain from our partner’s catalogues, and they’re featured right here.

Unusual Properties

Some properties have a little bit of that extra something-something that makes you say ‘wow’. These are the really exclusive ones that you’ll totally fall in love with. The kind of properties you’ll find here are unlike anything you’ve seen before. They have great architecture, or the best views, or another design perk that will pique your curiosity.

Search By Number of Bedrooms

1-3 Bedrooms

If you’re looking for properties for sale that are really special, but a little bit smaller, then these are the ones for you.

4+ Bedrooms

You’ll find larger properties with a bit more space here. All of these properties have 4 or more bedrooms, more than one bathroom, and as much space as you could need.

All Properties

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