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Lamborghini has come a long way from its Tractor making days in the early 1960’s.

The ‘GRANDE’ Italian car manufacturer with an equally ‘GRANDE’ price tag, is now looking at the ladies when it comes to future designs. Lamborghini recognised there was a gap in the market – a 95{3a719d634d359a1cfd2efb58d4bd0fc099b357eb0ceee3c98bbc31468036a862} gap that meant only 5{3a719d634d359a1cfd2efb58d4bd0fc099b357eb0ceee3c98bbc31468036a862} of their global buyers last year, were female. They have also come to recognise, that ‘what women want’ in a car is somewhat different compared to the predominantly male Lamborghini buyer.

lamborghini With its streamlined beauty, flamboyant colors and head-turning familiar roar, the Lamborghini makes even my knees go weak at the sight of one. So it’s not just you guys – some of us girls feel the need for designer speed too.

Until recently, women have simply not been privy to the ‘big boy toy’ equation when it comes to super cars. Therefore, women who are absent of purse-string worries, would now like to see super car manufacturers incorporating a little femininity during the design stages. From a male point of view discussing a woman’s perspective, he would most probably say… “She wants to know if you are listening to her.”

Guess what? He’d be right!

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