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Lamborghini has come a long way from its Tractor making days in the early 1960’s.

The ‘GRANDE’ Italian car manufacturer with an equally ‘GRANDE’ price tag, is now looking at the ladies when it comes to future designs. Lamborghini recognised there was a gap in the market – a 95{3a719d634d359a1cfd2efb58d4bd0fc099b357eb0ceee3c98bbc31468036a862} gap that meant only 5{3a719d634d359a1cfd2efb58d4bd0fc099b357eb0ceee3c98bbc31468036a862} of their global buyers last year, were female. They have also come to recognise, that ‘what women want’ in a car is somewhat different compared to the predominantly male Lamborghini buyer.

lamborghini With its streamlined beauty, flamboyant colors and head-turning familiar roar, the Lamborghini makes even my knees go weak at the sight of one. So it’s not just you guys – some of us girls feel the need for designer speed too.

Until recently, women have simply not been privy to the ‘big boy toy’ equation when it comes to super cars. Therefore, women who are absent of purse-string worries, would now like to see super car manufacturers incorporating a little femininity during the design stages. From a male point of view discussing a woman’s perspective, he would most probably say… “She wants to know if you are listening to her.”

Guess what? He’d be right!

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A good indication of a successful business is continued growth coupled with longevity. And a good indication of a healthy working environment, is reflected in the long-term loyalty of its employees who work within that environment. TELITEC ticks both boxes.

Tenacious Forward thinking

TELITEC communications, a fully independent company, runs with precision from the ground up, and CEO Jan McDowell’s highly skilled and dedicated team consistently run to full capacity and efficiency. Tenacious forward thinking is key, and often takes place during team meetings and out of office brainstorming sessions. This perpetuates the momentum with which Telitec is proud to associate itself. They believe and recognise the need for commitment when it comes to living by the message they portray. And that is… “Keeping You Connected.” This message translates through the continuous efforts they show when dealing with their customers’ needs – before, during and of course after becoming a client via their sales, technical support and dedicated customer services team.

When Companies Merge

boardroomWhen Telitec (Est. 2005) merged with sister company FONICATEL (Est. 2003) in 2006, a cleverly devised niche marketing campaign was soon realised in order to expand. The success of the merger combined with an aggressive marketing plan which was reflected in significant growth across all areas of the business, secured the future of a company now ten years strong, and counting.

By investing in new and progressive system technologies, Telitec has become an independent leader in their industry, servicing clients across the whole of Spain and Baleares.

The Future for Telitec

NEW and exciting products such as, the 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless upgrade is described as having ‘blistering speed,’ is interference free and with no limits on downloads and uploads. This is the next exciting stage in broadband network development, providing customers with faster data speeds and performance than the Wireless/WiMax type network deployment. The product launch stages will begin in Sept/Oct of this year. In the coming years, Telitec’s aim is to provide their 4G/LTE customers with speeds of up to 50Mb and in areas that fibre will not reach – Great options for part-time residents.

FIBRE300 – AVAILABLE NOW in many areas

GIF 1We’ve all heard of ADSL, but what about (Fibre to the Home) FTTH – and what is it exactly? Fibre is a thin glass or silicon wire protected by a hard outer coat which carries information transmitted in a form of light impulses. Optical fibre can carry a lot more information than the conventional copper wire, it’s interference free and the data flows ‘cleaner’ without the need for retransmission’s.

Why choose fibre? Well, that’s easy! It’s superfast and reliable, providing less ‘bandwidth battles’ in the office or busy home as the speeds of up to 300mbps means freedom to download more content, watch HD movies with less buffering, backup data and play games without cuts – not to mention a better browsing experience.

Telitec’s FIBRE Packages

  • The 30/30 connection which includes phone line (new or existing number) – Costs €30.00 plus I.V.A per month
  • The 300/300 connection which also includes phone line (new or existing number) – Costs €40.00 plus I.V.A
  • For an extra €10.00 plus I.V.A per month, why not ADD the TV package and get access to over 50 UK premium entertainment channels, including multi-lingual channels.

Virtual PBX Business SystemCurrently Being Offered FREE With Every Business FIBRE300 Internet Connection

This ‘State of the Art’ system gives your new or existing business the chance to impress that it deserves. From small businesses to corporate, Telitec understands the importance of first impressions and will assist you in finding the right solution to suit your needs. From highly competitive worldwide call rates to viewing your calls online and more, the Virtual PBX system is the perfect addition to any business.

U.S. Air Force Sgt. Suzann K. Harry, of Wildwood, N.J., operates a switchboard in the underground command post at Strategic Air Command headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., in 1967. (U.S. Air Force photo)

I’ve just started out in business and I’m not quite at the stage of being able to hire a receptionist, so this system was, and still is my life-saver.”

“I never miss an important call, all of my messages are relayed to me via the virtual assistant and above all, I can relax in the knowledge that this side of my business is taken care of professionally.”

Want to take it a step further? Then why not check out Cloud Computing where you can access your business documents from anywhere in the World. A FREE trial is now available for all – even if you are not a Telitec customer.  AND… There’s More!

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Spain is surrounded on three sides by water, therefore it's not surprising that much of the country's economy has come to rely on the ocean. From exploiting the country's fabulous beaches and exporting millions of tonnes of fish and seafood each year, to building state-of-the-art