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Life implies change. Some changes are easier to assimilate than others. But there are some so difficult to accept that they can lead to serious problems. Moving to another country is complicated and generates serious worries and setbacks. Many of these end up having psychological repercussions. The Triora Clinics, which


Increase or reduction of chest, placement of gastric balloon, hair transplant


Substance abuse doesn’t only affect the addict. Every single person in an addict’s immediate family is in some way affected also. Finances and psychological well-being are just some of the ways that family and friends also suffer. Addiction puts a strain on relationships and healing can only begin with proper


Alvarado Dental Clinic in Valencia is the home to over 25 years worth of experience when it comes to giving you that stunning smile. Their aim is to solve the dental problems of patients in the most definitive way in the shortest possible time.   Their individual and personalised treatment plans

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